Monday, January 2, 2017

Reading Goals for 2017

Hi, long lost friends!  I hope 2017 finds you well thus far.  Can we all agree that wishing 2016 good riddance was cathartic? I only hope 2017 isn't so bad that we will look back and wish for another 2016...  Trying to stay positive though.

It is that time of year where we all vow to make improvements and changes for the better in our lives.  I think last year I vowed to not keep resolutions because I make the same ones year after year and forget about them three weeks in.  Here I am a year later, nothing much changed from the year before as far as I can tell (but at least I don't feel guilty about any of it? lol.).  It still feels like lost opportunity.  I suppose any wasting of time can be considered lost opportunity.  We can change ourselves at any point in time but it feels much more organized when tying it to the calendar, right?

I am getting away from my point, which is I want to get some goals and life improvements accomplished this year.  I like the idea of making a reading list that coincides with my goals.  When I think about them in a more well rounded way, it helps me to be reminded to work on that goal.  I could think about eating better while I am making meals vs. when I log into social media because I followed people and pages that align with my goal, when I read about the topic in the books I read, when I see the app on my phone dinging at me to track my calories.  Just pretty much bombard yourself with your goal to keep it on the brain.  I will report back if this is helpful. 

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See if you can guess my resolutions based on my reading list:

The Girl on the Train

1. I want to be a better Catholic and be better about integrating my faith more fully into my every day life and not just Sunday mornings.

2. I want to get my career back in motion.  I want to get an upgraded job, I want to get CPA certified, and I want to feel inspired by my contributions to an organization (if possible).

3. I want to get healthy.  I just turned 35 and I know my weight is what is majorly standing in the way of our family growing, so I really need to get a handle on this.

4. I want to slow down and not spend every ounce of spare time consuming mindless TV or internet.  This is the 'books to read for fun and leisure' category.

5/6 Be a better person and contribute to the world around me in a positive way.  I would like to live my life so that it could be a sort of example to someone. Hypothetically - I don't actually think people look to my life as some sort of guide or aspiration, but it is good to act accordingly like someone might- to achieve the end result of holding yourself to a higher standard.  Societal-y speaking, I hope some of these reads can help me delve deeper into some issues and my awareness may spur more literal action of helpfulness.  Here's hoping!  

7. Self Explanatory, manage money better, get out of debt, and all that interesting stuff.  (so thanks for clicking those links, I love you!)

So I little more than two books a month, which seems reasonable for the schedule I keep.  

If you have compiled a list of things you are reading this year, I'd love to check it out - leave me a link in the comments!

Happy New Year!

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