Tuesday, January 24, 2017

5th Year Wedding Anniversary Ideas: Wood Edition

Can you believe it?  In one week it will have been 5 years since Aaron and I were married.
I feel like it was maybe two years ago, maybe three, tops.

Times flies when you are having fun I guess?!

Aaron and I have always exchanged traditional wedding gifts with one another.  We just like traditions and it is kind of fun to have a theme.  Otherwise I'd be buying books for Aaron every single time because that is all he ever wants.  Boring!

I have searched the internet high and low for the best ideas I can find for 5th anniversary wood gifts, and here are some fun ideas I found!

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For the Grill Master or Cook

For the Nerd

For the Handy Guy (I'm jealous.)

For the Sports Guy

For the Refined Gentleman

For the Beer Enthusiast

For fun!

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