Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday Check In

I thought I'd check in for the week and talk about what is new!

I had a pretty fun weekend.  My Mom and I and Kathi my Mom's/our friend went to a craft show in town.  I think it was the first one of the fall season, so the entire town was there.  It was fun to walk around but it was very crowded, so not the ideal shopping experience.  We saw a lot of cute things, but we didn't end up seeing anything we were dying to buy.  The weather was gorgeous too, so that was a treat.  We usually don't get cool days until closer to Thanksgiving.  I'll take it!
cute crafts

I thought these books were cool

I have been working hard on the food blog, and I really think my cooking skills are starting to improve.  Not that I can just whip up something tasty with only my brain, but I am feeling a lot more comfortable and like I know what I am doing a lot more.  I even got some comments this week!  I think I really enjoy the process of growing a blog from nothing to a little bit of a following.  I kind of hit a wall with this blog after a while, which is why I didn't bother with it for so long.  Now there seems to be SO MUCH information out there on how to really kick it into high gear and take your blog up to the next level, so I am excited to see how far I can take it.  Below is one of my latest recipes, masala shrimp 'n' grits.  It was outstanding!

In other exciting news, I started a little side project of managing the social media for my co-worker friend's volleyball club.  It is cool to get creative and come up with interesting content for something I know little about.  I am enjoying the challenge though, and I think I am doing pretty alright with it.  They've had some significant activity on their ignored social media accounts, and I even got an inquiry from a prospective player on Twitter.  It is funny to me how I can be so anti-social in real life, but in the social media world, I can't get enough.

Speaking of, my favorite show to hate tweet is back!  You are going to have to mute me on Sunday nights because Sisterwives is back.  It is crazier than ever with the story lines they are trying to sell the audience on, so it is ripe for snarky commentary!  #joy

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day

I am sad the long weekend is over already :(  Nothing too exciting happened in these parts.  I have been busy busy with side gigs.

So not only have I been reinstated here on At Home with the Hinkleys, but I have started a new blogging venture, The Life Gastronomic.  The name is based off my favorite movie ever, The Life Aquatic.  It is a food blog in which I am cooking through some of my cookbooks to hone my cooking skills, because I don't really have a whole bunch of them.  I was getting to a point where we were eating the same 5 things for dinner on a rotation and nothing was ever even that tasty.  I am starting with the Aarti Paarti cookbook (she won food network star a couple years ago) and I am IN LOVE.  I feel like a legit Indian person with what we are eating every night.  So if you feel like checking it out, it would be great to have a reader or two :)

I also made a post over on Girl vs. Flab where I talked about that Nicole Arbor fat shaming youtube video.  I was kind of in the heat of anger when I wrote it, but I still pretty much stand by everything I said.

So I have gone to not blogging ever to writing all the blogs.  I think I am a glutton for punishment, but for now I am having fun and am enjoying the fresh sprouting of ideas.

I haven't given up on the CPA thing just yet.  I actually hope to get a job upgrade here pretty soon, and hope my job will offer to foot the bill for the exams.  I can't waste any more of my money taking these exams at my current salary.

I also have exciting side projects!  I am the Controller of my dear friend's start up out of Austin, which is doing amazingly awesome.  They are some of the most talented creative minds money can by, if you know anyone who's looking.  And I also closed a deal with my co-worker's club volleyball team to manage their social media.  Exciting!  I am on a 3 year plan to buy our (my) dream townhouse in the city, so everything is falling into place nicely. :)

Oh yeah, Bluebell is back too!  Life is good!

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