Monday, December 16, 2013


Is it really Monday already?  This weekend seriously flew by! 

Lets start off the weekend recap with Friday at work.  My office...::shaking my head:: is in horrible need of a facelift.  The ceiling tiles are gross and stained, a paintjob hasn't been had in probably a decade, and the carpet, I won't even go there.  Well the big boss has finally decided an update was due!  This would be good news except we got to work in a windowless office for two days huffing paint fumes while our offices got to look like this:

Perfectly good binders, they were just going to throw them away!

Could they not have done this over the weekend??  Challenge # two is to figure out where all my things are going to go so they can move everything out and lay new carpet.  Don't get me wrong, I am thankful that they are doing all of this, but I am not able to get anything done!
Saturday was fun, I got my hairs cut and then Aaron and I went out shopping a bit.  We spotted the most awesome rich person:
Dressing up their Bentley as a reindeer.  Nice.
New 'do.
I couldn't smile because it made my face look 900 pounds. 
Sunday I baked  I will share some of the delicious things I made later this week, but suffice to say, I dipped oreos in chocolate, made a chex mix thing, made shortbread cookies and a cake, and this took the ENTIRE day.  It doesn't seem like it should?!  But that is why the weekend seemed like it was over in a day.
And #omg do you guys watch Revenge?!  Daniel and Emily's wedding/honeymoon was INSANE!  I can't wait to see how this ridiculous story is going to unfold!! 

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, can you believe Christmas is only 9 days away?!


Cream 'n Sugar | Lifestyle Blog said...

Umm.. I hope you're sending some of those chocolate dipped Oreos and shortbread cookies my way!

Megan said...

Usually, I love baking, but I just haven't gotten in the mood this year. It's sad, I know....I'm going to have to make myself this week because the in laws are coming and they love some baked goods. :)

Bekah Loves Blog said...

Your face is lovely! And yay for the office makeover but UGH to the process!

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