Friday, December 20, 2013

Count me in on the Duck Dynasty talk.

It is times like these where I love having a platform to spout off my views :)
So here is what I know.  Reality star Phil Robertson was interviewed by GQ and made some remarks about gay and black people that seemed pretty in character with who he is.
So I am not surprised that an old/elderly man from a small town in the south has less than progressive views about things.  (I personally feel the things said about black people were a lot more telling of his worldview than his feelings about gay people)
I mean, it is no surprise that this family is Christian: they pray at the end of each show, they do appearances at mega-churches, and even sell Duck themed Bibles (which I find utterly ridic.).
I know that gay people want and deserve equal rights and not to be discriminated under the law.  No one should ever be deemed a second class citizen in that regard.  But are we not allowed to have opinions anymore?  This isn't exactly a free speech issue because that only means that Phil cannot get arrested for saying what he said. 
My real issue with this entire (what feels like a prefabricated) controversy is the idea that when under the employ of someone, we really don't have free speech. 
I understand that it works a little differently when you are a TV star vs an accountant at a small ID badge company, but is it that far off?  Because it is funny to me that Alec Baldwin, Michael Richards, Chris Brown, I could go on... have been caught saying and doing utterly terrible (not to mention illegal) things and have essentially zero repercussions in their profession.  The irony is not lost on me that Phil the reality star being interviewed as himself - the exact same person he is portraying on TV - saying things he would say as himself, is deemed unacceptable by the network.  The reality TV curtain has been lifted (ha!). 
But since we pretty much all have jobs working for someone else, are they always going to have some sort of control over what we can say or do outside of our workplace?  I get it that I cannot end my email signature on my work emails with 'white power' or 'Thanks Obamacare'.  Inappropriate.  And when I am sending an email from my work email address I am a representative of my organization.  But if I want to go spout off a blog about how I think Ted Cruz is the biggest turd who ever lived and voted into political office, should my workplace be able to have that sort of reign over me?  Maybe not as a random joe office worker, but say if I were a teacher.  Don't their facebook accounts get scrutinized all the time?  I fear for Aaron's future as an educator with the type of stuff that goes on on his facebook...
Things tend to get heated and probably can offend sensitive folks if your view is different...
Set your page to private, dear.

In conclusion, I just feel it is unfair that you aren't allowed to state an opinion outside of your workplace without fear of losing your livelihood.  He wasn't threatening anyone, merely expressing his views. 
But as for everything else on this topic I think this sums everything up nicely:
the end.

 What do you think about this?  Watch the show?  Let me know!

Monday, December 16, 2013


Is it really Monday already?  This weekend seriously flew by! 

Lets start off the weekend recap with Friday at work.  My office...::shaking my head:: is in horrible need of a facelift.  The ceiling tiles are gross and stained, a paintjob hasn't been had in probably a decade, and the carpet, I won't even go there.  Well the big boss has finally decided an update was due!  This would be good news except we got to work in a windowless office for two days huffing paint fumes while our offices got to look like this:

Perfectly good binders, they were just going to throw them away!

Could they not have done this over the weekend??  Challenge # two is to figure out where all my things are going to go so they can move everything out and lay new carpet.  Don't get me wrong, I am thankful that they are doing all of this, but I am not able to get anything done!
Saturday was fun, I got my hairs cut and then Aaron and I went out shopping a bit.  We spotted the most awesome rich person:
Dressing up their Bentley as a reindeer.  Nice.
New 'do.
I couldn't smile because it made my face look 900 pounds. 
Sunday I baked  I will share some of the delicious things I made later this week, but suffice to say, I dipped oreos in chocolate, made a chex mix thing, made shortbread cookies and a cake, and this took the ENTIRE day.  It doesn't seem like it should?!  But that is why the weekend seemed like it was over in a day.
And #omg do you guys watch Revenge?!  Daniel and Emily's wedding/honeymoon was INSANE!  I can't wait to see how this ridiculous story is going to unfold!! 

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, can you believe Christmas is only 9 days away?!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


So I think I am due for some updates, yes?  Yeah, I have been scarce around here, with no really good excuse.  I have been enjoying the holidays with friends and family, doing festive Christmas things, and doing work things while at work.  I know, I am terrible, but I really did about 80% of my blog stuff at work and with the year coming to an end and launching a new entity I have most of the day eaten up with work stuff to do.  Pretty awesome.  So no, I haven't fallen out of love with blogging or anything of the sort.  I am going to make an honest effort to post more regularly, because I have been doing loads of fun things :)

So yeah, Thanksgiving was pretty great.  I had the whole week off so I shopped and lazied around big time.  Prepared for the feast.  I remembered to take exactly 3 pictures the entire day of Thanksgiving, so that was a #fail. 
I did snag a photo of the dapper turkey, however.
My little brother and I went black Friday shopping at about noon on Friday and I got a good portion of my Christmas shopping done.  Aaron is totally clueless about what I got him, it is the best.  He seriously doesn't even have the slightest clue. 
Then later in the weekend I went to movie night at Chris and Judy's which was a blast.  We saw a double feature of Rifftrax:  Guy from Harlem and Big Ass Spider!  Both crazy and hilarious in their own ways. :)

Then we got a tree and decked our halls.  I'll share pictures in another post.  Another week of working and such.  Nothing too exciting.  We went to Georgetown last Saturday to celebrate my Buelo turning 85!  Holler!  That was really fun to see everyone. 
Then the day before last we did our tradition of going to the Alamo Draft House for the airing of Home Alone and all you can eat cheese pizza.  So fun!  They also gave us aftershave, a tooth brush approved by the American dental association, some fake tarantulas and a kazoo.  So fun!  If you don't have an Alamo Draft House by you, I am sorry.  They take the whole movie/restaurant concept to the next level and have so many fun events all the time! 
This weekend is going to be a bakeapalooza because that is my Christmas gift to my co-workers, and we only have one more week until we have all of Christmas week off from work!  PRAISE JESUS!!!
So that's what is new with me!  How've you been??

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