Monday, November 18, 2013

New Mattress!

Hey guys!  I decided to come back after temporarily quitting the internet, lol.  I think I just had a weird introversion episode, which happens sometimes.  I get in a weird funk and I just stop being a responsible person who checks their email everyday or keeps up with hobbies and things they once liked doing.  I think I have snapped out of it though.  It is a vicious cycle though, because I let something go for a day or two, and it gets increasingly more daunting to tackle as you keep putting it off until tomorrow.  I think time away from blogging was beneficial though, because I got caught up on a bunch of work stuff I procrastinated on, and my house got a bit more in order. 

So what else is new...  We got a new mattress!  Our old mattress was in super sad shape.  It was full of lumps and springs poking out places they aren't supposed to.  It had a pillow top too so we couldn't flip it over.  It was a mess. 
We decided on this bad boy (yes I bought a mattress off amazon #weirdo)
I had a giftcard that I won from a giveaway ages ago, and I got a good testimonial from my co-worker so I just went for it.  I was in nearly crippling hip pain like a 90 year old woman because I had a throw pillow under the old mattress to prop it up so I wouldn't be rolling downhill while sleeping and it just threw all my bones out of whack. 

So far the new mattress is really nice!  My hip is like 93% pain free now, and I feel like I sleep better.  I don't feel Aaron rolling around and getting in and out of bed at all hours, so that is awesome.  We have not tested jumping on the bed while a glass of wine is also sitting on the bed, but maybe we can try that this week, lol. 

Now I am off to catch up on all the thousands of blog posts I have missed over the weeks!  Happy Monday :)


Bekah Loves Blog said...

ugh! crooked mattresses are the worst! This one looks comfy and that's a great price! do you feel like it's cool temp-wise?

Megan said...

Welcome back! And glad you guys got a new mattress that you like! Hope it is comfy!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I wondered where you'd been :)

Sam said...

Yay for blogging again! I never knew how important a mattress was until we invested in a nice foam top. I was used to the cheap, crunchy, thin dorm room mattress that made squeaky noises every time I'd get out of it but I don't think I could ever sleep on a bad mattress again.

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

On Amazon?? didn't know you could buy one from them, was it also Prime eligible? how cool!


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