Friday, November 22, 2013

What's Up with That: Sign Spinner Edition

This might be the start of a consistent series because I have so many things I saw 'what's up with that?' to.  Today though, I am asking - what is up with those sign spinners on the side of the road?  More specifically, the ones on the roads I drive on.

I totally get it in most circumstances.  Advertising a sale?  Sure!  Letting the public know that you pay cash for gold?  Okay.  Going out of business sale and everything is 50-70% off?  Absolutely.  You can't really advertise that on your outdoor signage. 

I'll even give a pass to the ones sign spinning for a hot and ready $5 Little Caesars pizza, or a toasty Quiznos sub.  Those sort of decisions can be easily made on a whim as you drive by (or crawl, if it is rush hour in Houston.)

What I don't get at all are the ones for apartment complexes.

Do people really stop in and lease a place to live based on someone spinning a sign on the side of the road?  I mean, I am glad these people have jobs and such, but is this really a good use of money/time?  I suppose the investment in such advertising is very small, but still.  I can't wrap my head around it.  I feel like I should be their target customer since I am a renter who drives this route by their place, but I think it is pointless (though sometimes entertaining when the spinner really gets into it).  Plus, advertising to the entire street, I wonder what percentage of people are even A. Renters and B. Looking to move.  It seems like it would be practically no one. 

Does anyone else find this practice weird?

I love him.  Dance, red track suit guy!

Monday, November 18, 2013

New Mattress!

Hey guys!  I decided to come back after temporarily quitting the internet, lol.  I think I just had a weird introversion episode, which happens sometimes.  I get in a weird funk and I just stop being a responsible person who checks their email everyday or keeps up with hobbies and things they once liked doing.  I think I have snapped out of it though.  It is a vicious cycle though, because I let something go for a day or two, and it gets increasingly more daunting to tackle as you keep putting it off until tomorrow.  I think time away from blogging was beneficial though, because I got caught up on a bunch of work stuff I procrastinated on, and my house got a bit more in order. 

So what else is new...  We got a new mattress!  Our old mattress was in super sad shape.  It was full of lumps and springs poking out places they aren't supposed to.  It had a pillow top too so we couldn't flip it over.  It was a mess. 
We decided on this bad boy (yes I bought a mattress off amazon #weirdo)
I had a giftcard that I won from a giveaway ages ago, and I got a good testimonial from my co-worker so I just went for it.  I was in nearly crippling hip pain like a 90 year old woman because I had a throw pillow under the old mattress to prop it up so I wouldn't be rolling downhill while sleeping and it just threw all my bones out of whack. 

So far the new mattress is really nice!  My hip is like 93% pain free now, and I feel like I sleep better.  I don't feel Aaron rolling around and getting in and out of bed at all hours, so that is awesome.  We have not tested jumping on the bed while a glass of wine is also sitting on the bed, but maybe we can try that this week, lol. 

Now I am off to catch up on all the thousands of blog posts I have missed over the weeks!  Happy Monday :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's Election Day!

At Home with the Hinkleys would like to officially endorse Annise Parker for re-election in Houston :)

and also Roland Chavez for City Council because I met him outside my polling locale when I was early voting, and he seems like a pretty solid dude.
Polls are open 7am-7pm
(and don't forget your photo ID, bc Texas is lame.)

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