Friday, September 20, 2013

Trying out the Friday's Letters Link Up, and ranting. Always ranting.

Dear Life,
I can't seem to get caught up with you.  Work is still really busy so I don't have time to write witty tweets or insightful blog posts.  Then I get home and I am all tired and don't even want to touch a computer.  I need to go back to that one week where I wrote all my posts on the weekend.  That was such a smooth sailing low stress week.  #lightbulb
First off, thank you for being the nice person that you are and taking care of Cocoa.  I would point out though, that this letter is very self congratulatory, so I am glad you feel good about yourself.  You should.  But I am not happy with the light in which you choose to paint the former owners.  I think you make assumptions that they are just some middle class family that got tired of dealing with their incontinent dog and sent it to the pound.  How, I am unsure?  I can think of 1000 reasons how you are probably putting your foot in your mouth with this letter, and the first would be that this was an easy decision for the former owner.  Maybe they were elderly?  Maybe they had to walk there?  Maybe the no-kill shelter was full?  Maybe something happened and they couldn't afford to take care of Cocoa anymore?  Whatever the reason, it shouldn't just be assumed that they are horrible and you are the angel.  It isn't like Cocoa was picked up from some dog fighting ring, or was abused in any way, or even abandoned on the side of the road or the like.  I know a lot of people have bleeding hearts for animals and this would be equal to leaving their sick child at the orphanage, but I disagree.  Articles like this seem to me like they are just shaming people for using a service for its intention to humanely care for animals, and if need be humanely euthanize them.  The whole shaming people thing is getting a bit out of hand, is all.  Especially when you know basically jack about the other side of the story.  #endrant  ::edit: Shaming the shamer doesn't make me any better.  Noted.::
Dear Beach,
I am coming for you.  Just stop having hurricane activity and making it rain all the time.  I have a billion vacation days I need to use up, just cooperate.  We only have 2 more months of beach weather left!
Happy Friday, everyone!

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Bekah Loves Blog said...

wow. I'm a huge dog lover too. I get mad quite often mainly because so many owners don't know what they're getting themselves into and give up too soon or just don't train the dog properly. Regardless, you're so right. I'd be sympathetic to the poor dog too, but she was way out of line. She doesn't know the whole story. She can guess, sure, but there are so many options.

A cat was left with us at my last job for 6 months before being surrendered to the SPCA. Doesn't sound nice, does it? But the truth was, an elderly man followed the doctor's instructions to remove the cat from the house while his wife was in treatment for cancer. We kept the cat in hopes they would be reunited. Then the poor old woman relapsed, and the couple was wise enough to acknowledge that it was kinder to let the cat have a new forever home. I know that. Whoever adopted her may very well not.

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