Monday, September 23, 2013

Emmy's thoughts, though I didn't watch.

For someone who loves TV as much as I do, I did not care to miss the Emmy's last night.  (um, hello, Sisterwives finale?!) 

I don't really care for the Emmy's because they don't appreciate the TV shows that I seem to be drawn to.  I can rarely get into a drama show, because I like to spend my free time laughing.  The only one I am really into is Madmen, and they continually get snubbed.  Plus most of the acclaimed shows are on HBO, and we don't get that channel.  The comedies that get recognized don't do it for me either.  I really liked Modern Family when it first came out (and maybe the second season too) but I don't even watch it anymore because it bores me.  To think it is still the caliber of show to win best comedy?  I don't think so, Vern.  Big Bang Theory Jim Parson's too.  You are playing the same nerd you've been playing for years, is it still worthy of recognition?  The reality shows should really be my category, but I don't watch any of those either.  It's all singing and contest shows.  Meh.  Singing shows are just glorified karaoke to me, and once you've seen a couple seasons of has-been celebrities ballroom dance you get the picture.  #overit

However, I was so happy Colbert Report won for best variety show!  I like the Daily Show as much as the next guy, but John Stewart is just a little too idon'tknow.  Plus it is more real news show, and that isn't as fun.  Stephen Colbert is 100% lovable, hysterical, and I cannot get enough.  I wish it would come on early because I am usually struggling to keep my eyes open by that hour.  Either way, yay for Colbert Report!

My hero, Zooey Deschanel was picture perfect and flawless as usual <3
Did you watch?


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I didn't watch, but considering how in love with Zooey I am, I should have!

Alyssa Whitt said...

I love that color on her and she's usually one of my favorites! I'm not 100% sold on this dress though. I have to admit I like it more than the first time I saw it but I still like her sister's blue dress better. I guess I just love Z in a ball gown!

Lindsey said...

Although I watch completely different TV from you I agree 100% regarding the Emmys.

Actually, I don't watch any of the award shows. I even watched the VMAs on repeat just to see what the whole Miley debacle was all about.

Laura said...

I didn't watch either - um hello Dexter finale?! That's another show you should start when you get the chance! even though the finale was such a let down :( Every other season was great!

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