Tuesday, September 24, 2013

5 places to go if you find yourself in Tokyo

I have not been on a vacation in a hot minute.  Actually it was around a year ago, so I am due!  It was a year ago that my brother and I took a trip to Tokyo, Japan.  I was way nervous going, and wasn't sure I would even like it.  I prefer a good beach vacation, what can I say?  But holy moly, I had the greatest time, and it was an experience I will remember my whole life!

So here are my top 5 things to do in Tokyo

1. Asakusa (Ass-ah-koo-sah)

One of my favorite stops on the trip.  There are Japanese temples and shrines, along with rows and rows of vendors selling all kinds of things.  I did 90% of my souvenir shopping here!

2. Tokyo Fish Market

It is a sight to behold.  I wish we had gotten there at 5 in the AM to see more of the fish flying around and such, but we still got to see a lot and there were a few streets of little shops there.  My brother got some really sweet kitchen knives here - restaurant caliber.  And if you love sushi, it is AWESOME (and a little weird).  Like straight out of the water onto your plate freshness.  The place we went was in several travel guides we read, so we stood in like for 30 minutes to then cram into a teeny place the size of a large walk in closet.  The bar has maybe 10 seats, no a/c, and you are sitting shoulder to shoulder with everyone.  It is not super comfortable.  But the sushi, wow.  So good.  Yeah we ate some mystery stuff that looked kind of like guts (it was sea urchin...) but it was a legit Japanese experience, if you ask me!

3. Tokyo National Museum Or Tokyo Disney

Depending on your interests.  If you are a museum fan, this museum is really cool.  If you like adventure and Disney, check out Tokyo Disney.  The museum is near a really pretty park and we had a nice time exploring the area.  Disney was kind of fun, but I kinda prefer USA Disney.  Or maybe I am just to old to find it as magical as I did as a kid?  Fun fact though, I think we saw maybe 2 dressed up characters that actually worked there, and about 15 park patrons dressed up like a Disney character.  Kinda strange, but fun :)

I couldn't get good lighting for my museum photos, but this was part of the park

Tokyo Disney

4. Hakone(Ha-ko-nay)/ Mt. Fuju

Mt. Fuji is simply breathtaking.  After hustling and bustling in the city amongst the millions of Japanese, this was a relaxing side journey out of the city.  We took a cable car up the mountain, ate black hard boiled eggs that are said to increase your life my 5 years, took a pirate ship to the quaintest little town.  I loved it!  My God, the weather was amazing too.  We went in September and it was pretty hot in the city, but nice and cool in the mountains. #geography

They love Hello Kitty over there
#notapostcard #isthisreallife?
A bowl of amazing.  Soba noodles and tempura shrimp the size of a small banana.
(Japan is really a phenomenal place for foodies.)

5. Odiaba (Oh-dee-ah-bah)

Odiaba is a touristy little place on a manmade island thing.  There were beautiful shopping malls that rival the ones in Las Vegas, a giant Gundam robot thing outside another, a giant ferris wheel where you get views of the whole city and so much more.  We really had a great time here!  My favorite was getting to the mall about 30 minutes before it opened and seeing the line of Japanese people outside of the Old Navy.  #wha?!  And in a little grocery shop in the mall we saw Old El Paso stuff and were happy the Mexican culture was represented in the east.  lol.

Domo Arigato.


Honorable Mention: Find an Ichiran and eat there
This bowl of ramen noodles may have been the best thing I have ever eaten in my life.



Optimistic Existentialist said...

Tokyo is on my bucket list :)

Bekah Loves Blog said...

So sad you didn't enjoy Disney - of all the foreign parks, Tokyo is the one I want to see most - granted, for Tokyo DisneySea...did you go to that one or just the main park?

Sam said...

These photos are absolutely amazing!!

I went to Japan about 3 years ago and I miss it so much. I remember the best food was the hole in the wall restaurant that served only Ramen.

Sims Wishes said...

This is the perfect post for me right now because I am planning a trip to tokyo next year. Thanks!

Rowdy Fairy Blog
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Laura said...

totally jealous...Japan sounds so neat, what a trip of a lifetime! Def. on my "one day travel" list - that bowl of noodles looks amazing!

Jenponix said...

the japanese writing says "i rode the rope way.i enjoyed!"

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