Monday, August 5, 2013

Townhouse Update

I wish this was a yay post, but it isn't.  Aaron and I submitted all our info to the mortgage man and it is basically a no-go, and a not-gonna-go by the time our friends want to move.  It was disappointing for all parties involved.  I had already mentally arranged furniture and was ready to begin packing.  Sad.
I did learn some things though, and that is the silver lining.  I learned that if Aaron and I have a prayer of ever buying anything we need to seriously work on our debt.  I was hoping I would be able to tighten the belt enough in time to have a good debt to income ratio, there is just not enough time or garage sales I can hold to make the amount we need in a couple months.  I know where the numbers need to be though, so that is very helpful for future decisions.

We did learn too that we are not happy with the amount of money we are throwing away renting.  Our upstairs neighbor sounds like he is going to fall through the floor at any given moment - I think he might be involved with power lifting or cross fit because it sounds like really heavy weights being thrown to the ground all.the.time.  We never use the amenities.  Plus I never feel like decorating or making up the place because it is temporary.  We like the area, but my daily commute is long, and Aaron works from home most days.  We are just tired of apartment living all around.  

So we didn't qualify to borrow what we needed for the townhouse, but we think we might qualify for something a little less expensive a few months down the road.  Then we can upgrade as we go, the payment would be very affordable, and if we wind up having to move away it would be a great starter investment property.  With a few extra months in our corner we can pay down as much as we can, save a bigger down payment and have a better chance of things working out.

I'd have to stay at my job a little longer so I will have the job history (2 years) needed, but as soon as we got all of that squared away I can find my big baller CPA job.  A month or two of forgone larger salary isn't a big deal to me when I look at the big picture.  

Some people get baby fever, but I get home ownership fever, and I've got it bad.


Bekah Loves Blog said...

I know it can be disappointing when the situation seems so perfect. I'm sorry. I'm glad you at least now know EXACTLY what you need to do. Good luck working on it. :)

Amanda said...

Aw what a bummer. I'm sure there is something bigger and better for you just around the corner!!

Chelsee W said...

Hopefully something will work out for you!! Good luck:)

Filiz @ Light and Sweet said...

Sorry for the disappointment, but sounds like your getting all your ducks in a row for a new home in the not so distant future! Good luck.

Alexandra Marie said...

Sorry it didn't work out, but it sounds like you have things moving in the right direction! Hopefully something positive happens in the near future!

Laura said...

Sorry the outcome wasn't what you wanted, but it's very good that it put things into a perspective and plan for you two. In the long run, this was a good experience and you'll own a home soon I'm sure!

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