Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Bachelorette Finale!!

I am so glad this season is over!!!  And if you are late to the party, Des and Chris are engaged!!!


Oh Desiree, count your lucky stars that you landed a man like Chris after all your crying over what's his face.  In all seriousness, I wish them the best and I hope they make each other happy for longer than the 6-9 months these things normally last. 
The episode started off with more of the crying.  Was Des even able to be in love with another after Brooks.  Plus it was obvs who read spoilers (me) and kept waiting for Brooks to show his face.  I am really glad he didn't because I think she would have taken him back, and what kind of message is that sending to young ladies watching this show?  #respectyoself
Watching Drew get his heart broken was majorly sad.  As hot and sweet as he is, I am sure he will be just fine. 
Odd though, how Des made a big thing at the rose ceremony (why?  2 roses, 2 guys?)  about how she wants the guys to be honest and don't accept a rose if you aren't feelin' it.  Well then she dumps Drew straight outta the gate.  Maybe she should take her advice and not offer up roses if she knows how she feels already?
So the date with Chris is great, he is going to meet the family.  We are all on pins and needles wondering what is going on in Des's mind.  Chris makes a great impression with the scary brother and parents.  Goes and picks out the ring.  Boom, super romantic and lovely proposal.  And that's the season!
Can we pause and reflect on the real reason we were all watching?

excitement is an understatement.

But for now, I am happy to have my Monday evenings back!  Did you watch? 


Helene said...

omg.... i didn't know about Juan Pablo (very out of the loop!) that is awesome!!

Chelsee W said...

OMgs I can't wait to see Juan Pablo as the Bachelor!!!

henning love said...

yes glad this season is over finally, can't stand to watch another episode and hello Juan Pablo, that will be a season to watch for sure!

Lara said...

I can't wait to see Juan Pablo every week for an hour!! Hubba

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