Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Be Prepaired for Hurricanes!

August has been bearable here in H-town, oddly enough.  Probably due to the rain we have been getting on the regular.  You won't hear me complaining!  But it is raining because of hurricanish activity out in the oceans, so it is better to be on the prepared side of cautious. 

Thanks to Jesus and God that I have never been in a bad place after a hurricane.  The worst of it was when Ike happened in 2008.  My apartment lost power for like half a day, and there was trees and power lines fallen in areas I usually drive.  Due to the mass evacuations of Houston residents, there was no way I could go to Dallas for my friend's wedding to, so that really stunk.  The scariest thing that happened was that I was driving back and forth to Katy and a bunch of gas stations were closed, so I barely found a place to wait in line to fill up (like half an hour!) and my gas light had been on for like 100 miles.  #stress.  Some of my friends and co-workers had their power out for two weeks though, so I need to hush.  Then again, I'd go without power for a month over losing lives and homes like some have. 

But yes, here are some tips to be prepared for hurricanes.

1.  Keep your gas tank full.  This was a lesson learned the almost hard way by me, but after a storm strikes, you don't know what is going to be available, so you want to be able to get around.  Usually this time of year I fill up once my tank gets to about half.  We have pretty good weather tracking technology these days, so you should have a good 24-48 hours of warning before danger is coming your way, but by then the prices are usually up. #frugaltip

2.  Stock up on your non-perishables.  People are panicked after a storm.  After Ike paid us a visit, the ONE convenience store that was open only let 2 people in at a time because some jerks were looting the store (while it was open?!) when 10+ people were in there.  Stood in line getting eaten alive by mosquitoes for 45 mins so I could buy a $7 12 pack of Dr. Pepper.  #sodaaddictionisreal #pricegauging  You don't need to go all doomsday preppers for the situation, so just consider the amount of space you want to be occupied by stuff you most likely wont need.  They say about 3-7 days is fine.  Now a days I like to keep a pack of bottled water, peanut butter, tuna, granola bars, and various crackers and cookies/junk food.  That stuff has years of shelf life.  If you want to get really fancy you can get one of those little camping stoves and heat up some canned soup of other fancy things I haven't even thought of. 

3.  Candles and Flashlights.  In my situation, I have both these things, I just don't know where exactly they are right now.  That would be a problem if I needed to find them quickly.  (putting that on the to-do list).  Have some candles, matches, flashlights and batteries in an easy to find place.  While you are at it, gather the books you have been meaning to read and the board games you like.  The boredom will kill you first!

4.  Cell Phone.  Try to keep it charged - turn off your wifi functionality so it wont drain your battery.  Maybe have one of those backup battery chargers, like this one.

5.  Know where to go to be safe.  Away from doors and windows, probably a first floor centrally located place in your home.  We have a nice little closet that I doubt the two of us can fit in, but the bathroom is also a good locale. 

Now for expert tips: for the super serious live in fear of hurricanes person

6.  Ice.  Fill your freezer with extra ice.  Freeze water bottles, fill baggies with so your ice bin can make even more.  This will help save your cold food if the power goes out for a decent amount of time.  If possible though, just eat this food first before you dip into your emergency stash.  #cheesefordinner #winning !!

7.  Emergency Numbers.  This probably isn't a pro-tip, but you might want to jot down some important phone numbers because the internet might not be there to help you.  Power Company, Gas Company, Police/Fire/City Services.

8.  News source.  Battery or hand crank radio to hear what the situation is around town.  Check it.  We don't have one, but maybe Aaron will get one for Christmas so we will.  lol. 

9.  Home stuff.  I know nothing about boarding up windows or sand bagging areas.  You are going to have to google it, we are renters. 

I hope I didn't forget anything, if I did - let me know in the comments!

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Bekah Loves Blog said...

and home/renter's insurance! Gosh, it hadn't really hit me that it IS hurricane time...

stevie said...

We didn't have power for 15 days after Ike and we lost our beach house on Bolivar peninsula. That was one bad storm that I don't think a lot of people outside the area really heard much about.

Laura said...

very good advice! I never had to worry about hurricanes...that is, until last year with Sandy! Sandy was def. scary and we were so lucky to have our power the whole time and nothing big happened to our house. I hope a hurricanes like that only hit New York once in a lifetime (or never again!)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Luckily here in Kentucky we don't have to worry about this but this is still good advice. I was caught in Tropical Storm Debbie last summer while in Florida. It was interesting and intense!

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