Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Palladium!

If you are out in very west Houston, make sure to check out The Palladium!

Right around Grand Parkway/Hwy 99 and the Westpark Tollway lies a mega complex of movies, fancy foods, bowling and drinks.  What more could you ask for?  I am not sure how new the place is, but it is new to me so that is good enough!

I heard about this place from my Mom who lives in Katy.  It is a short 20 minute trek to get to this mega theater, and it was really cool and worth the drive. 

You enter this giant place thinking you are about to step into ancient Rome (or Greece? I am so not a history buff person) with the giant columns and epic ceilings.  It looks like a hotel in Vegas without the casinos.
My mom and brother, being embarrassed that I am photographing them in a movie theater.

The ticket buying process is all automated, and there was no wait on this Saturday afternoon.  Then you are among giant counters of goodness, selling all sorts of treats and candies, gelato, specialty coffee.  Or pop into one of the three restaurants - they had everything from sushi to pizza!  It was truly a spectacle. 
um, wow.

Once you get your snacks and head to your theater there is a soda station to get any drink you want (with free refills!!) butter your popcorn, dress up your hotdog, etc.  It seemed to clear the traffic away from the area around the snack bar.  Smart move, Santikos. 

Aren't these Coke machines the best?!
We got to our designated theater and already I was pleased.  The seats were very comfortable, and the arm of the chair is shaped almost like an oar of a boat.  This is ingenious because you have a nice platform to set your popcorn, AND a cup holder for your drink.  Plus it isn't top secret that I am a larger person, and I was not squished into the seat at all. 

The screen is noteworthy too, it looked like it spanned the entire wall from ceiling to floor.  We were seeing White House Down, and it was nice to see Channing Tatum so extra large, lol. 

While we didn't explore every amenity available, there seemed to be quite a hoppin' bar and bowling alley along side the theaters.  Another neat feature, they have certain theaters that have balcony seats available with restaurant service - so you can have your dinner and a movie experience a la Alamo Drafthouse or Studio Movie Grill. 

This is really a cool concept for movie going along with other fun activities.  If you are in Houston, it might be worth the drive to check out at least once.  I am really glad I got the chance to go!


Bekah Loves Blog said...'ve piqued my interest! and I DO love those coke machines. The lime coke is the best!

Sam said...

Don't they have one in San Antonio too?! I'm pretty sure Nic took me to see Sherlock Holmes during the holidays about 2 Christmases ago there..

Kelly said...

I agree, those Coke machines are amazing!

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