Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Bachelorette Recap: Hometown Dates!

Hometown dates were this week!
I did something very unorthodox, and I took pictures of my physical TV because I have more and more trouble finding recap pictures on hometown dates.  #whataweirdo. 
Des arrives in Texas and meets up with Zak.  His family has a snow cone business which is totally goofy and cute. 
Good Dad material right here.
Then she meets the family.  They are in Texas, and his brother's name is Denton.  Which is the greatest city in this state, so kudos for that.  Totally not biased... ;)
Des meets the picky sister and wins her over.  I like her response to Zak's intro of: Do you accept these abs?

Then Zak grabs a guitar, and the brother and sister start singing a really sweet song to/about Des.
Not my cup of tea.
Next up is Drew's family!

Drew has a pretty big family, they start by meeting his mentally handicapped sister.  So heartwarming.  Drew's family seems really nice, and we see that Drew gets his love of pink shirts from his Dad. 

I thought he already told Des he loved her, but I must have been mistakes.  He legit loves her now.  Make no mistake.


Next we take it to somewhere, Oregon to meet Chris's family.  Chris has been my front runner for the longest time, so I was hoping this day would seal the deal. 

They play some baseball.  Make out, naturally.

Then Des pull the ultimate betrayal move.  She totally rips off what Zak did for her last week with the drawings and the memories.  Now I don't even want her to find love.  Ugh.

Dinner goes well, his family seems alright.

The Dad though.

Does a bunch of chiropractic stuff on her, and he does this weird nose thing where we got way tmi into Chris's nasal passages.   

And his Mom's face really bothers me for some reason.
But yeah, overall I thought this date was a bit underwhelming.  I liked Chris much better on his own, his family just made him seem more boring.

Now to Utah to meet Brooks's family.  I am 98% positive that if your name is Brooks, you like in SLC, Utah, and have a giant family, you are probably a Morman.  No big deal, but I thought Mormans could only marry other Mormans?  Is Des going to convert?  Maybe that is why he doesn't seem super sold on her?  

Utah looks nice though

And his family was so excited to meet her, which was cute. 

I finally figured out how to turn the flash totally off!

Des seems to get along with everyone pretty well.  I didn't think the mom was feeling her too much, but then later she tells Brooks that she seems like 'the one'.  Who knows. 

Then she consults with her whack-job brother.

And tells Chris Harrison how she can't wait for Brooks to propose.

Can I just have 3 fantasy suite nights with Brooks?


In the end Zak gets the boot.  And it is super sad.
I hate the rose ceremonies at the end.  People are attached by now, and real feelings exist, and it is really a bummer to watch.  Plus it isn't just like you are rejecting the guy, but his family too.  I wish Zak the best, and I really think he can do a lot better than Des. 
Next week it is The Men Tell All episode, those are always a good time! 
What did you think about this weeks episode?


Helene in Between said...

i'm shocked she got rid of zak! and i can't believe we are already to hometown dates!! crazy! thanks for the recap!!

henning love said...

oh man seeing zak go hurt a bit, i know the reality that someone has to go but ugh why zak?? it will be interesting to find out next week in the men tell all

Postcards from Rachel said...

Her hometown date with Chris made me yawn. And I can't believe Zak is gone... such a hilarious guy!

Rachel Zimm said...

I didn't realize both Drew and his dad had pink shirts!
And yeah, I think Brooks is a Mormon, and I think Des is a Christian. so it's very Emily Maynard and Jef, and I worry about it working out.
Desiree's Moral Dilemma ! :)

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