Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Bachelorette Recap: Can We Fast Forward to the Hometown Dates Already?

Welcome back to yet another week of The Bachelorette recaps.  Last night we got to vicariously travel to Madeira, Portugal and watch these kids find romance.  Though I sort of thought this:
Anywho.  We start the episode with a blast from the past!  Catherine, Jackie and Lesley from Sean's season came to check out the man meat and give Des advice for finding Mr. Right. 
I was so happy to see Lesley.  Though I really liked Des as a mate for Sean, I don't think that was a good enough pre-qualifier for Bachelorette.  Lesley would have rocked it with all her sass.
But guys all have the same ex-boyfriend, are you really friends?
True story.
But yeah, their little segment was funny, and speculations were made about who has the biggest junk.  Keepin it classy.
First date went to Brooks.  They drove up this mountain to have a picnic amongst the clouds.  It would have been romantic if they weren't so over the top with the cheesy analogies and such.
Since we are getting towards the end, there aren't roses up for grabs on these dates.  Which probably worked in Brooks' favor because with that atrocious denim shirt under a striped sweater look was awful.  
The next date was with dream boat Chris.  They went out on a boat, then they wrote some poetry in a bottle and threw it into the sea. 
We learned that Chris isn't just a romantic who will write a poem for a gal he loves when the mood strikes.  Poetry is totally his thing ad nauseam. 

Litter Bug.
Chris should totally get some pointers from my actual cousin Chris who is an awesome slam poet and wins awards and travels all over.  It is way more cool and hip than this nonsense Bachelorette Chris calls poetry.  Bachelorette Chris dropped the L-bomb though, and Des was oh so happy!
The last one on one date was with Michael.  This was his very first one on one date with Des.  They explore the city, and ride this toboggan.
The date seems to go well, I think Michael just didn't have a fair advantage of a close history with Des.  There was considerably less kissing on their date than any others.  

The last two on one date was with Drew and Zak.  They went go-karting and picnicking.  Sadly there was a serious lack of photos from google image search. :\

Zak won the go-kart race and got to have one on one time with Des first.  He painted her a bunch of pictures recounting their journey on the Bachelorette.  It was adorable.  I am biased, but he is my favorite as of now because he is funny.  I am telling you single ladies, marry a funny man and thank me later!  He doesn't proclaim his love for her at this time, but he is feeling pretty confident.
Then time with Drew comes.  I think Drew is alright.  He seems nice enough, and it pretty good looking, but I do not get why everyone is so #teamDrew about him.  I honestly feel like I hardly know the guy, let alone have gotten attached to him.  Their convo during their one on one was pretty dry in my opinion.  
Drew confesses that he too is in love with Des, and he walks away with the rose at the end of the date.
So then, before the rose ceremony, Des sits down for a chat with Chris Harrison and basically brings herself to tears talking about how strongly she feels for Brooks.  Uh?
In the end we had to say goodbye to Michael.  He stuck around longer than I thought he would considering his scary lawyer side came out more than once. 
Next week is hometown dates!  Can't wait! (Kind of can't wait for this season to end.#overit)
What did you think of this weeks episode?


~Anchored In Christ~ said...

I'm happy with who she ends up with. but personally I think they shouldnt leak things out until the show is completely over.

its already in mags and wet paint and I came across it. but i'm happy with who it is and saw it coming a few weeks ago and last night I could tell she's in love with him.

henning love said...

oh my gosh your case closed on michael's photo is perfect all season long he was prosecute this, guilty of this and in the end his case was closed before the case went to the jury

Rachel Zimm said...

it's going to be really fun to see their families in the hometown dates--see a little background on who they all are! I am curious to see Zak's mom, the "little bundle of joy" :)

Chelsee W said...

I loved that they brought back the other girls from Sean's season!

Kasey Lynne said...

I cannot WAIT for the hometown dates. That's my favorite episode every season. I'm so curious to see which family ends up not really liking her.

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