Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Leave Your Link in a Comment

This one is for the fellow bloggers out there (sorry to the non-bloggers, Mom, Aunt Virginia, 

Who doesn't love comments, right?  I know I enjoy them, and I do my best (though sometimes fail miserably) to reply to all comments and then go visit your blog.  I think most people who blog do the same thing.  This is paramount to building a rapport and even friendships with other people who also love to write and share their story just like you.

First of all, I usually only reply to comments via email.  If I hit reply on the comments section you won't get an email saying I replied or anything so odds are you wont ever see it.  This is why you should consider changing your no-reply status if you haven't already. (click picture for a larger version)

Because this is sad.
So once you are all set, you can comment and get replied back to, you can move to the next skill level of leaving your blog link in a comment.  It really is very simple, and I just tested it myself
All you need is the simple HTML code
<a href="">Text to be hyperlinked</a>
So my link in my test comment looked like this all typed out:
<a href=""></a>
Too easy right?  Now each comment you leave lets the blog owner know that you are a fellow blogger and you'd like for them to stop by - but without blatantly asking because a lot of people find that tacky. 
Since I am going to start leaving my link on comments from now on (on blogs I don't visit super often.  I know the blogs I regularly read know where to find me!) I am just going to type my link code into a textedit or word document that can stay on my desktop so when I go on a comment spree I can just copy and paste it really quickly.  We shall see how it works!
PS, I will have my recap of The Bachelorette: Men Tell All up tomorrow!



Nicole Miller said...

can't you just cut and paste or type your link out and then highlight and right click to turn the link into a hyperlink?

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

where's your bachelorette post for today? i'm bummed i cant find it. I'm kinda waiting to see what happens b/c the preview for next week makes me think Des doesnt marry anyone and I've also read a few things which make me think other wise.

Laura said...

Yes, love this post! I always get sad when it's a noreplycomment blogger as well.

and I'll def. safe that html code to leave in comments...gonna try it out for the first time here!

Little Moments, Big Moments

Laura said...

hmm the link didn't work for me..trying one more time!

Little Moments, Big Moments

Raewyn @ Be A Warrior Queen said...

Super love this post about leaving my link! Also, I didn't know people didn't get notifications about my replies on their comments. Time to reply via email!

Thank you!

Be A Warrior Queen

Sammi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sammi said...

If you don't want to change the text of what gets displayed (i.e., you just want to write out the link and have it work, rather than putting the name of your blog as the text that gets displayed), you can also just write "< a >" and then end it with "< / a>," with your link in between! :) -- take out the spaces, I put them in there so it'd show up.

xox Sammi

Kelly said...

Great tutorial, SO important!

Sparkles and Shoes

Chelsee W said...

I love this!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like this, like you said, for the blogs you're newly visiting or don't get to regularly. Thanks!

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