Monday, July 22, 2013

How to Have an Awesome Sunday

Just follow my lead!  My Mom and I had a 'gals about town' day on Sunday, and it was the best.

We started the day at Ouisie's Table for brunch.  If you are in Houston and feeling fancy, this is just the place.  The service is top notch, the food is excellent, and bottomless mimosas and bellini's y'all.  As you try not to scarf down your food because you are in a nice place and in a dress and such, you will notice the ambiance there is just so lovely.  Like being in a real life Pottery Barn catalogue, lol.  The piano player was a nice touch too.  Despite this being an upgrade from IHOP, the prices are reasonable and some ladies were there in jeans.  It is a great spot, and I just love it :)
Brunch got done a bit earlier than planned, so we went down the street to the Crate and Barrel because we were still feeling fancy.  Plus I have had a gift card from our wedding (like a year and a half ago) that I haven't spent yet.  I found some really cute accessory things for our dining room buffet thing.  C&B only had a picture of one of the things I bought on their website, so you will have to just imagine 2 other vases.
This is where my collection of napkin rings will now live. 
I love Crate and Barrel so much, and I dream of the day I can point to a page in the catalogue and have my interior decorator make it happen in my house.  But as of today, I just can't bring myself to spend $30 on one throw pillow, or $129 on a centerpiece thing.  Like, hello, Homegoods?  I could get both of those things out the door for like $25.  I am going to end up like the owner of the company I work for - he is a millionaire and eats at 59 Diner all the time and shops around 4 grocery stores to find who has the best Diet Coke sale that week.  Pssh, rich people.  lol 
Ok, back to the weekend.  After Crate and Barrel we headed downtown to the Hobby Center/ The Theater, because we had tickets to Wicked!!

Yeah, yeah, we are like 10 years late to this party, but we hadn't seen it and it was in town for another run this summer.  I had gotten us tickets as a Mother's Day gift for my mom, so we had been waiting a bit for show day to come.  OMG, this was one of the greatest shows I have seen!  I loved the story, the music, the sets, everything was phenomenal.  We had such a blast!
Afterwards we had to wait forever to get out of the parking garage and such, and got back home.  Then I got caught up with HGTV Star, and major congrats to Tiffany, the winner!  Her designs are sooo great, I want her to come decorate my house one day!

and then my #3 guilty pleasure show is back:
Because, I don't know.
I find it interesting that they are focusing a lot on their Sisterwives Closet jewelry business thing.  The whole thing is too funny to me.  It is clear that no one in this group has any clue how to run a business, or design jewelry which is a bummer for them.  I just checked out the new website and they have added a whole bunch of other stuff, so maybe they will do okay.  Before it was all this crazy expensive and ugly as sin "SW" charms and rings, and like c'mon.  If you aren't a sisterwife (ie: like 45ish people on the planet?) why in the *&^% would you even want this stuff.  Hello, think about your customer.  I don't give a crap about what my jewelry says about your family/beliefs - ESPECIALLY when I disagree with them.  /Rant.  Sorry, there is just so much dumb, it angers me. 
So that was the best Sunday ever.  How was your weekend?


Merrie @ The Skinny Student said...

Going to have to check out Ouisie's! I had never heard of it before!! And I'm so excited because I'm seeing Wicked in a couple of weeks too! I've seen the show before! Love it!

Chelsea said...

I watched Sisterwives for the first time yesterday during the marathon they were having on TLC and I kinda got hooked. I love bad television as well. It really irritates my Hubs, which is just another perk to bad television! LOL.

Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

Anonymous said...

That sounds like an awesome Sunday! I cleaned my house, did laundry and took a nap. Yours sounds way better. (Though my nap WAS pretty awesome!)

Lindsey said...

I cannot believe you admitted, on the internet at that, you watch Sister Wives. OMG you are rotting your brain with such ridiculousness! :P

I love a good brunch spot (i.e. bottomless mimosas :)) so next time we're in town we should hit. it. up!

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