Thursday, July 11, 2013

First CPA Test: Complete

I just remembered that I never blogged about my REG (regulation) CPA exam.  It was last Friday, so on the fourth of July I had my head buried in a book.  It actually worked out because my mom had to work in the AM and my brother had to go in to work at 2 (911 dispatchers never get holidays!).  So we had a Cinco de Julio celebration the next day, lol.
Exam day came, and I felt a good amount of prepared.  I got to the exam center and had to wait in a crazy long line to get checked in.  They have to find your appointment, give you a locker for your things, debrief you on all the rules, check your pockets and up your pant legs to make sure you aren't cheating.  Then you get to go into the second room where you wait through another line to get your picture and fingerprints taken and get your scratch paper laminated sheet thing and some markers.  Another pocket check and a swipe with a metal detector wand.  Then at long last, 45 mins later, you get to sit down in your station and start your exam.  When they say be there 30 mins early, you might want to make it 40+. 
The exam itself I can not speak of in detail because it is not allowed, but there are 3 'testlets' of multiple choice questions and one of 6 work out problems filled with tax and business law goodness.  I felt about 87% confident about the multiple choice questions and only 67% confident about the work out problems.  Two of them totally threw me for a loop and covered a topic that I could swear my professor skimmed over because 'they never test on this stuff'.  Uh huh. 
Either way, I got the first test out of the way and got to experience what the exam process is going to be like for the other 3 parts (with hopefully no retakes, fingers crossed!).  I find out how I did in about 3 weeks.  Until then I am just waiting for my exam materials for my next exam to come in so I can start studying.  Next up is FAR (financial accounting and reporting) and it is a beast of an exam and from what I have heard, the hardest one.  I got this, though. ;)


Megan said...

I am slightly jealous that you are taking your CPA exam, but then at the same time, I feel for you because I know it isn't an easy process. I know you will do great! Good luck on everything!

Bekah Loves Blog said...

That is some serious security. Anyway, I know you rocked it!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Congrats on getting your first test out of the way! Will you do my taxes next year j/k :)

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