Monday, July 29, 2013

A New Townhouse for the Hinkleys? (plus WOW advertising deal!)

Our very good friends are moving to Austin soon.  This is a sad day, and cuts our amount of non-work friends in town down by close to 50%.  BUT, they have this really great townhouse and they totally want to sell it to us!!!  It is probably the most perfect first property that Aaron and I could dream of owning.  The space is great, the location is great, the price is right, and they have done a beautiful job renovating and updating the place so it is move in ready +!  It is like the stars in home ownership heaven have aligned and are beckoning us. 

One problem though.  Can we get a mortgage?  It isn't that we don't have monies.  We just don't have monies.  The friends want to move soon soon, and Aaron and I have a whole bunch of monthly bills (creditcards (shame on us.) student loans, car payment, etc.) that make our debt to income ratio less than awesome.  I am hoping that our friends can hold off on us applying for a mortgage for a month so we can get some things paid off and all that jazz.  Either way, we are going into major fundraising mode.

We have loads of things for sale on ebay and amazon (thankfully a whole bunch of Aaron's insanely large book collection - if anyone is in the market for obscure philosophy books, check ebay!)  I've been busting it at work to make sure my quarterly bonus is maxed, and checking around for any extra paid gigs.  I plan on braving the heat and humidity sometime next month and having a giant garage sale.  We are determined to make this happen!

How can you help, you ask?  lol.  Just FYI for those who like to advertise their blog/business on other blogs - I bit the bullet and subscribed to passionfruit for the year.  $4 is worth my time and sanity in a month to set up ad spaces and keep them rotating and super user friendly.  I have updated all of my spots though, and have outlined exactly what you get with each spot.  I hope it takes the guesswork out, because most of the time it is very vague on what 'social media shoutouts' equate to/if you get your money's worth out of a sponsorship spot.  If you sign up with me, I give you my word that I will bust my tail for you! :) 

AND this week only you can take 50% off any spot (even the 3 monthers) with code: TOWNHOUSE


Postcards from Rachel said...

I'm kinda obsessed with your ad names!

Chelsee W said...

Can I just say that I about died when I saw you named one of your ad spaces Catfish, and then I scroll down to a Here comes honey boo boo. You are too funny! Fingers crossed on the house!

Amanda said...

Wow! What a good deal!! I am definitely signing up this month. Also, I know what it's like to take that leap into home ownership, it can be terrifying. I hope everything works out for you guys! It sounds like you really love the house.

Taylor Bradford said...

Best of luck!!! That's really exciting! :)

Filiz @ Light and Sweet said...

Good luck! You can totally get it worked out! I just did it a year ago, made me almost go insane but I am so happy I pushed thru! It's so worth it in the end.
Ps.I would love to swap with you!

Laura said...

Good luck! I hope you two can move to your first-time homeowner dream-home soon!!

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