Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Bachelorette Recap - Sponsored by The Lone Ranger, in theaters Aug. whatever.

Is it really week three already?  So this week was full of 'drama' but forgive me, I found it to be kind of a snooze fest.  Maybe I was just having an off night, but I was not feelin' this episode too much.  Hopefully things will pick up next week!  Either way...the recap must go on!
We started with a group date.  Dodgeball and little shorts.  Once the red team claim victory and all the ball jokes were tired out, they ALL got to go on the victory date.  I really hate when they do this, it takes away any incentive to try and win stuff.  Oh and Brooks somehow managed to break his finger during the game.  You could tell Des was bummed because she wouldn't stop talking about him at the afterparty. 
Must have been pretty serious, he needed oxygen.  lol.
Chris though, he snuck Des away and swept her off her feet.  He got the rose, and earned my front runner of the week award which I just made up.

You go Glenn Coco.
Then the moment the previews had us waiting for.  The mystery girlfriend shows up.
They went on a break or something before he left for the show.  He made it seem like they broke up but she didn't get the message.  She throws rocks at him because he is a jerk.  It was all hashed out, and he was basically escorted out of there afterwards.  Mission accomplished, girlfriend.
Speaking of hashtags, Kasey was chosen for the one-on-one date with Des this week. 
They did dancing on the side of a building with a rope.  It looked weird for a date, as usual.  Then the weather took a turn for the worse and forced cancellation of the 'make-out in the pool' portion of the date.  It was kind of refreshing, like legit reality TV.  What a concept!!
Next we had the 20 min Lone Ranger commercial second group date.  It was learning stunts and cool things based on the Lone Ranger movie coming out.  It isn't hard to trace the corporation family tree to see why we had to sit through all that.  They all looked adorable though, but stunts were severely lacking.  All they did was fake punch a couple people and fake shoot someone.  Like, whoa.  :\
Juan Pablo 'won' by doing his bit in Spanish, it was very spicy.  They got to then watch make-out during the movie.  Shocker!  I like him but I don't see him getting all that far.  Des doesn't seem hipster enough to want to settle down with an exotic dude.
There was no cocktail party, instead just a pool party.  Ben steals her away for a quick drive as she is arriving to the house.  Again he pisses off the only 3 dudes who find him threatening.  Ben don't care!
But what I want to know...
There is entirely too much pink going on this season.
And entirely too much sausage in the hot tub.

We get to hear Brandon pour his heart out one last time.  He drops an L-bomb. 
Brandon, it's not me, it's you.  Stop trying to smother people with love.  It doesn't work that way!
So of course, we had to stay goodbye to these fine young gents.
Brian, Brandon, Dan
Until next week!
What did you think of this week's episode?


Helene said...

ahahahaha i want to know who wore it better. HILARIOUS.

henning love said...

Oh my gosh des and Ben could probably exchange wardrobes if they wanted. I love your recaps you are hilarious

Kelly said...

This is HYSTERICAL and I loved all of the neon!

Sparkles and Shoes

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

I couldnt get into this week's episode either. and omg....................if she doesnt get rid of Ben and she ends up with him in the end I'm gonna be pissed. Is she that blind, naive and stupid or what? is she gonna get played again. Looks like it.

So brandon leaves when Ben should have.

I'm glad Kasey got a one on one date. and Brooks - poor thing.

Not sure I want Bryden to tell her about Ben this coming Monday. B/c I'm not sure that means Bryden will stay because he spoke up or will he leave and will she understand why they want Ben to leave. He said from day one. "I'm only here for a rose." So that made it seem like he wasnt there for Dez.

I like Zak W. and Michael G. mostly Michael tho for an odd reason and Juan Pablo. That sexy accent makes him just sexy. So I'm not sure what to expect come Monday. It's sorta pissing me off already how Ben is having secret time with her and having more time with her and it's just odd and freaky.

Do you know who's behind the blog? Come check it out and see. Dont forget to leave some lovin

Postcards from Rachel said...

I haven't watched this season yet but I love seeing everyone's tweets. They're always hilarious. :)

Rachel Zimm said...

too much pink--yes!
I think the previews have tried to paint Ben as worse than he is. He probably says decent stuff when he's not defending himself from Mikey & Michael, and they cut out the scenes where he's nice.
I felt bad for Brian until he admitted sleeping with that crazy girl. yay for Chris getting into the running!

stephen's week 3 recap ??

Unknown said...

Haha my husband said the same thing when he walked in and saw all the guys in the hot tub! lol

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