Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Bachelorette Recap: "AND CAN I GET A HOT TUG?!"

Welcome back for the weekly recap of The Bachelorette!  The whole crew packs up and heads to Munich, Germany for some fun in the sun freezing cold!
We start with Chris getting the first foreign one-on-one date.  Since it is Des' first time in Europe they go and sight see and do fun German things like try on lederhosen and dance to polka music.  It is pretty cute, and I am pretty sure that I too am falling for Chris...

It is all a nice time until Bryden shows up.  He decided to take that long plane ride across the Atlantic to then decide that he is done with Des and is going home.  I think he was kind of hurt because he had that great date with Des a few episodes ago and she hasn't sought out any more time with him.  It is the classic "I'm rejecting you before you can reject me".  Even still, did you have to ruin her dream date with Chris?!  Bryden, I was always on your side, but really??
Boo this man.
Chris was able to be there for Des and the date turned back around.  They went to another private concert.  To which I reply:
One trick pony?
The group date was next.  Everyone else got to go except for Ben and Michael - so they were going to be going on the two-on-one date.  These are the things entertainment is made of, folks.  Anyway, they get to the top of an entire mountain range to go sledding.  Not going to lie, it is a beautiful place.  Once at the top this little old man teaches them how to yodel!

They all have a nice time and end up going into an igloo hotel and all this amazing and fun looking stuff.  #notfair.  Brooks gets the rose.  Basically uneventful.
Bring on the 2-on-1 date!
And I got re-tweeted by @BacheloretteABC, so I was feeling like a mini-twitter celebrity, HA

We learned of a pretty fantastic invention - A Hot Tug.  It is a hot tub crossed with a boat so you can float around in swimwear on a freezing lake and be totally comfortable.  I so want to try one of these!
This whole date was a nightmare.  Michael dominated the first part of it and wouldn't let Ben get a word in edge wise.  Then at dinner he calls Ben out on ALL the shady business that has been going on, to the point of making Des uncomfortable.  I was feeling uncomfortable from my couch!  I give props for Michael's ability to argue, I would definitely want him on my side in a courtroom!  In the end Des listened to him and sent Ben home.  Thank God too, because he was the worst.  Michael might be safe today, but I think he ended up turning Des off and won't be around much longer.  She likes an easy-going guy, which seems to be the only reason Brooks is still in the game...
After visiting a bit with Chris Harrison, she has made her decision, thus no cocktail party.  This makes the guys nervous because they were all about to throw James under the bus.  It appears that he isn't here for the right reasons.  Though his motives are quite enterprising for the 'pretty but dumb' vibe I was getting from him.  But then again, he thought it was safe to discuss these motives in a house full of men competing with you.  'Pretty but dumb' still holds true for now. 
At the rose ceremony Mikey goes home.  I think just because he is pretty well planted in Chicago and Des didn't like that.  Sorry Mikey!
This week's walk of shame...
Until Next week!
What did you think of this week's episode?


Rachel Zimm said...

that hot tug looks awesome! I didn't even know such a thing existed and didn't sink.
I am disappointed that Bryden didn't stick around-- he easily would have been top 4.
I too am glad that Ben is gone, but I think Michael should have gone with him for all that attacking!
thanks for reading Stephen's week 5 pep talk to the guys! have a great day, Natalie :)

Helene said...

I just can't handle this show anymore! It's weird since usually I'm such a die hard! But loving your recaps. Shocked about Bryden!

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

I actually couldnt wait anymore last nite and had to find spoilers to who went home. I really wanted Ben to go home and he did. I'm glad he, Bryden and Mikey all went home. Now I'm waiting on James to make the walk of shame. I like Michael, Zak, Brooks and Kasey. Chris is growing on me tho after last nite.

I've been a fan since day one but think it's odd that only 4 couples have remained together

henning love said...

haha exactly isnt des tired of those unknown private concerts, give me a well known artist then i can get excited for that. yah that 2 on 1 date was a disaster, michael was trying to strong arm the entire conversation show his prosecuting skills over ben but i think they both should have gone

Erica Jacquline said...

I really want a hot tug too. Just not one filled with Ben and Michael.

Everything Erica Loves

Kasey Lynne said...

I was a little disappointed that Bryden chose to go home, but I'm glad he made that decision if he wasn't sure about it. But, I am sad that he's gone because he was one of my front-runners. Oh well!!

That whole two-on-one date was just stupid. Both of them should've gone home. I was really let down by Des and her decision to even keep Michael. Who would want to date a guy who is a bully? The things that he said about Ben were unforgivable, in my opinion.

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