Monday, June 10, 2013

Import Google Reader/GFC to Bloglovin' - Step by Step

**This is a re-post from a few months ago - just incase you haven't made the switch yet.  The deadline is coming soon!
I am one of those people who need super specific instructions on how to do things or I will find the one weirdo way to mess it up.  This is why for the longest time I was horrible at cooking.  A recipe might think it is giving specific enough directions, but not when I am involved!  If the butter needs to be cold or it messes up the whole thing, you need to say so...ugh!  I digress.

I of course had a challenging time getting my Google Reader blogs over to Bloglovin'.  I started in the Google Reader screen which was problem.  I downloaded the file, but couldn't figure out how to covert it into something Bloglovin' could read.  Way too difficult.  Here is the easy way:

1. Log into Bloglovin' (make a new account if needbe)

2.  On the top right where your name is - go to that dropdown menu and choose 'Settings'

3. Then you get to the 'Settings' screen, scroll all the way to the bottom

 4. There is the button you are looking for - Import blogs from Google Reader

5. Click
6. Click again

 7. Then just allow Bloglovin' to access Google and boom, you are done!

I hope you found this little tutorial helpful, but more than likely you are better than me at figuring stuff out :)  Thanks for reading anyway!

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