Thursday, June 6, 2013

Houston's Free Press Summer Festival!!

I meant this post for Tuesday, but some Chipotle took me and my guts out of commission.  I am still not at 100%, more of a 78%.  Anyways.  Last weekend was really fun - the Houston Free Press Summer Festival was in full force.

It was a scorcher in Houston over the weekend, so I was not interested in getting to the fest until it was getting close to the cooler part of the afternoon.  I still was sweating like a beast!

We saw the Arctic Monkeys, they were rockin.

Then I stood in line for a dang falafel for like an hour.  I didn't get to 'see' Passion Pit, but I heard them, and it was great fun!  The falafel was totally not worth the wait. :\

We got situated for the headliner of the night, but caught the tail end of The Head and The Heart.  They were alright.

<3 The Postal Service <3

a bad picture

another bad picture

Amazing.  I literally got chills.

The Postal Service is such an amazing amazing group, if you have the chance to see them live, I highly recommend it.  They are on tour now, and this could be their last.  I took some crappy videos of my favorite songs, you can watch them here if you are interested.

Day 2

Amongst the masses watching Matt & Kim.  They are so fun!!

Matt & Kim again

Gearing up for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I think the entire festival was at this stage!

Someone had a stank fur coat...

and he wears it!  eeeek!

I was only familiar with the Thrift Shop song before the show started, but Macklemore & Ryan Lewis totally got a new fan that day.  They were really great!


I also remember that the $15 ticket days were when they held this thing in August and I didn't feel like dying at that point in my life.  August, in Houston?  Seriously.?

Caught some TV on the Radio - and random dude, whoops

More TV on the Radio - we were up on a giant hill

We ended the festival with Austin, Tx's Octopus Project.  Fun dance fest :)

This festival is super fun and each year it gets better and better.  It may give Austin's ACL Festival a run for its money!  I can't wait to see who will be playing next year!  And big props to my apartment for being within walking distance.  That was a great bonus!


Helene said...

ahhh you went to this?! i was totally going to go but we went to see my friend for her b-day in austin instead. i LOVE matt & kim. there were so many awesome people. SO JEALOUS

Kelly said...

This looks like SUCH a great idea!

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