Wednesday, June 5, 2013

For the Right Reasons - The Bachelorette Recap

Happy Wednesday, y'all!  It is time for the recap of The Bachelorette week 2.  This week Des went on two solo dates and a group date where they made a rap video.  Yeah, I dunno either. 

So lets get into it.  Des chose Brooks as the first to receive a solo date.  Des picks up Brooks in that to-die-for blue Bentley and whisks him off to try on wedding attire.
It worked for Lindsay on Ben's season, right?
She was trying to share what her passion is (designing wedding gowns) and see if wedding stuff scares him away on a first date.  He seemed to have fun with it.  Then they got to go have a picnic on the Hollywood sign.  Then it became night time and they had dinner on a closed off bridge overlooking LA then a private concert by somebody who sings Bachelorette-ish songs.  Guys.  It was the longest date ever.  I witnessed little to no chemistry, and I swear this guy seems a little gay.  No judgement.  But she is looking for a husband, after all. 
Yeah, you can tell Des was really into him, I just don't know if he was feelin' it back at her.  Either way, he got a rose. 
The next date was a group date with half the men in the house.  They met up with Soulja Boy to produce a rap video. 
In which Soulja Boy loses any and all 'street cred' he may have had.
I had to laugh because of how many times "for the right reasons" was uttered, especially since Rachel's husband expressed his disdain a mere week ago.  It is like they knew.  We learned on this date that these men overall have no rhythm, rap skills, and this was a terrible date idea.  The pieces of the video we saw were an assault to the ear drums.  Bad.  At the end of it all, Ben ends up getting the rose.  :\  He is quickly becoming Tierra of this season.  He's not here to make friends.
The second one on one date was with Bryden, the Iraq veteran.  I think he is adorable!  Sure he looks a little like Lloyd Christmas, but like a really cute Lloyd Christmas.
You be the judge.

They went on a really cute roadtrip that included the beach, orange picking in an orchard, and ended in a pool where Bryden was a bit awkward until Des finally told him to kiss her.  Fireworks!
I hope Bryden's shyness or lack of knowledge of fine cheeses doesn't get him friendzoned, because I think he is a good match for Des. 
In other weirdness (I apologize if this is out of order, I am trying to remember from 2 days ago)  Zak the shirtless man from episode one showed us a caring side of him.  He gave Des a vintage journal.  Nice, but it was inscribed to a girl from her father on the front cover, and Z tried to make it something significant.  Eh. 
Brandon is turning out to be a real weirdo.  He was the one who gave his Mom's AA coin to Des and said she could give it back on the home visit... Well here he is being all stalkery at the cocktail party:
I think he is really into Des and really really really wants someone to love, but he isn't going about it in a normal fashion...
Then Ben.  Everyone in the house hates him because he is clearly a front runner and seems like he is a total fake.  He already had a rose and then swooped in on Des while the guys without roses were trying to get some time with her.  It wasn't very cool of him.  But he doesn't care!  I never liked him, I still don't.  Nothing new there.
Des wants guys who are there for the right reasons, but is she?  I think she is just here to make-out. 
It's all fun and games until you get mouth herpes.
In the end we said goodbye to Will, Robert and Nick.  Maybe we will catch you on Bachelor Pad sometime.
Until next time!


Emma said...

I watch the Bachelorette as well and I was so sad that she sent Will home. He seemed sweet. I love reading you recaps.


TheTinyHeart said...

Haha, I kinda get the gay vibe from a bunch of these guys! I can't get past Bryden's hair. If he cuts it, maybe I can like him.

The Tiny Heart
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Helene said...

omg the honey boo boo quote- perfection.

Rachel Zimm said...

I definitely got the gay-ish vibe from Brooks. His voice is just too soft or something.
Zak's journal was a little weird, but mostly I felt bad because even though he did this cute gesture, I don't think he's ever going to get over being "the guy who showed up shirtless".
I have a hard time seeing her keep Brandon (I'm sure she knows he's weird) and Mikey T, etc. and letting go of three normal guys!
Haha--the tweet about Ben & tank top.

stephen's week 2 recap, if anyone else is interested :)

Kasey Lynne said...

Oh my gosh...I didn't even notice that cold sore on Ben's lip!!! That's so gross!!!!

My feelings about these contestants are all over the place. All I know is that I love Bryden and Brooks. Everyone else can go home. The only other person I'm interested in spending time with Des is Drew. I'm a little surprised he hasn't gotten more camera time since he's such a pretty boy.

henning love said...

oh my gosh even as much as i like bryden you are right aout the comparison with him and jim carrey!! too funny!

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