Friday, June 21, 2013

Dear Summer, I Hate You.

Happy 1st day of the worst season of the year.  Summer is the worst, you guys.  The only redeeming aspect is that the traffic is a bit lighter, but I would gladly exchange that to have winter forever.  Here's some reasons why:

1.  It is too hot for anything.  You can go outside comfortably before maybe 9:30 in the morning (only you will be in the thick of sticky humidity) then not until maybe 8:30 at night.  You have to contemplate simple things like taking the trash out or getting the mail if it isn't during these windows otherwise you will be covered in sweat and most likely need to change clothes.  Beautiful parks, trips to the zoo or beach, it is like, why even bother.  You will just be in the miserable heat. 

2. No good holidays.  Not that the 4th of July isn't a good holiday, but at my workplace, if it is on a Wednesday, we just get that random day in the middle of the week off.  They should have planned our independence celebration to be a long weekend sort of thing like Labor Day.  Speaking of Labor Day - that is the next good holiday and it is FOREVER away. 

3. Big people ought not wear small clothes.  I already have the extra padding on my body from eating too much and not exercising, but I must add to the fact that I look totally gross in sleeveless tops and shorts are reserved only for the most sweltering of occasions.  So not only is it hot, but I can't run around in tiny amounts of clothing.  I suppose that is my own fault though....either way. 

4. The A/C bill is insane.  Our normal $100ish dollar a month bill increases by around 50%, and it STILL never feels an optimum level of cool until the middle of the night. 

5.  There are times when you are forced to be outside for one reason or another and yours truly aways ends up with at least one sunburn of the season.  They are the worst too. 

6. Mosquitoes all over the place.  Enough said. 

There you have it.

Please share why you too think summer is terrible!

PS - The Houston Chronicle agrees with me


Laura at Simply Lowcountry said...

Ah, the traffic here is so much worse in the summer. That's the only downfall here. Other than the intense humidity. Yikes!

happy weekend!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I can't believe I found another human being who agrees with me on this...summer is my least favorite season by far!!

Anonymous said...

This post hurt my summer-loving heart!

Unknown said...

I'm torn. I honestly believe I hate summer as much as I hate winter. I wish it could be mid-season all year. Spring & Fall, that is all.

Though, I did enjoy last summer so much more when I went to Southern California to visit my family. Summer here in Southeastern Pennsylvania is humidity central. Ugh, no thanks.

The one thing I actually do look forward to in summer is my birthday. I'm an August baby... though it really limits what we can do. For example, I really want to go camping for my birthday this year, but camping + August = hell no! Haha.

I still hope you have a fantastic weekend & try to stay cool this summer!

Krys @ Sunshine&Rain

Sam said...

The worst thing about summer in Orlando is the amount of tourists that roll into town for the theme parks.

I totally agree with the whole AC bill though, we racked up $240 last month somehow :O

Lindsey said...

Well Mrs. Hinkley I think you should move from HOUSTON, TEXAS if you hate summer. Does it get hotter or more humid? Uuuuuugh.

I love summer. I'm always cold though so....that explains that. I love the sunshine, long days, and what feels like freedom (even tho that hasn't happened since high school).

You should most definitely consider moving to say Colorado. :)

JK of Brooklyn said...

I live in Brooklyn, NYC and I completely agree - I hate summer! I hate being hot, I hate sweating, I hate getting into a furnace of a car - and even the nights here are too warm. It never really cools off here until September.
Mz. J. Brooklyn

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