Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Girl vs Flab

If you like what I write and want to know about my snails pace weightloss and health efforts, you can find those at my newish other blog Girl vs. Flab

Thanks for checking it out and for any and all tidbits of motivation.  I need them!! :)

June Birchbox Brag!

I'm sharing what I got in my June Birchbox today, yay!
(I'll keep political heavy posts until tomorrow, you are welcome, lol)
Lets get to it!
Here is what I got in my Birchbox this month
1. Color Club Nail Polish in 'Reign in Spain'
2. Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo
3. Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner
4. Davines Absolute Beautifying Potion
5. Oscar de la Renta Live In Love Body Scrub
6. Youngblood Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder

This shampoo/conditioner combo is a lightly floral scented delight.  The shampoo seems to get my hair pretty clean feeling without stripping it of moisture.  The conditioner is very thick and made my hair so very smooth and shiny.  I haven't yet tried the hair oil sample, but all signs point to it being a quality product as well.

The nail polish is such a great bright coral color for summer.  The bottle doesn't do it justice with the brightness!  Oscar de la Renta body scrub was interesting.  I have sensitive skin, so I normally don't use fragranced things.  This Body Scrub smells very nice, but strong.  I showered with it this morning and I can still smell it on me.  The granules for scrubbing are pretty intense.  This would no doubt exfoliate you good, but maybe a tad harsh.  Excellent for feet and other rough areas though! 

This mineral powder was definitely a stand out in this box.  I wish the sample were bigger!  I don't have much experience with mineral powders but this went on so velvety smooth!  As far as I could tell it stays on pretty well through out the day too.  Recommended!
And that's it for June!  Interested in trying Birchbox? - I'd love to refer you!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Bachelorette Recap: "AND CAN I GET A HOT TUG?!"

Welcome back for the weekly recap of The Bachelorette!  The whole crew packs up and heads to Munich, Germany for some fun in the sun freezing cold!
We start with Chris getting the first foreign one-on-one date.  Since it is Des' first time in Europe they go and sight see and do fun German things like try on lederhosen and dance to polka music.  It is pretty cute, and I am pretty sure that I too am falling for Chris...

It is all a nice time until Bryden shows up.  He decided to take that long plane ride across the Atlantic to then decide that he is done with Des and is going home.  I think he was kind of hurt because he had that great date with Des a few episodes ago and she hasn't sought out any more time with him.  It is the classic "I'm rejecting you before you can reject me".  Even still, did you have to ruin her dream date with Chris?!  Bryden, I was always on your side, but really??
Boo this man.
Chris was able to be there for Des and the date turned back around.  They went to another private concert.  To which I reply:
One trick pony?
The group date was next.  Everyone else got to go except for Ben and Michael - so they were going to be going on the two-on-one date.  These are the things entertainment is made of, folks.  Anyway, they get to the top of an entire mountain range to go sledding.  Not going to lie, it is a beautiful place.  Once at the top this little old man teaches them how to yodel!

They all have a nice time and end up going into an igloo hotel and all this amazing and fun looking stuff.  #notfair.  Brooks gets the rose.  Basically uneventful.
Bring on the 2-on-1 date!
And I got re-tweeted by @BacheloretteABC, so I was feeling like a mini-twitter celebrity, HA

We learned of a pretty fantastic invention - A Hot Tug.  It is a hot tub crossed with a boat so you can float around in swimwear on a freezing lake and be totally comfortable.  I so want to try one of these!
This whole date was a nightmare.  Michael dominated the first part of it and wouldn't let Ben get a word in edge wise.  Then at dinner he calls Ben out on ALL the shady business that has been going on, to the point of making Des uncomfortable.  I was feeling uncomfortable from my couch!  I give props for Michael's ability to argue, I would definitely want him on my side in a courtroom!  In the end Des listened to him and sent Ben home.  Thank God too, because he was the worst.  Michael might be safe today, but I think he ended up turning Des off and won't be around much longer.  She likes an easy-going guy, which seems to be the only reason Brooks is still in the game...
After visiting a bit with Chris Harrison, she has made her decision, thus no cocktail party.  This makes the guys nervous because they were all about to throw James under the bus.  It appears that he isn't here for the right reasons.  Though his motives are quite enterprising for the 'pretty but dumb' vibe I was getting from him.  But then again, he thought it was safe to discuss these motives in a house full of men competing with you.  'Pretty but dumb' still holds true for now. 
At the rose ceremony Mikey goes home.  I think just because he is pretty well planted in Chicago and Des didn't like that.  Sorry Mikey!
This week's walk of shame...
Until Next week!
What did you think of this week's episode?

Monday, June 24, 2013

You Can Find Me @ Re*Solve today!

I'm guest posting on Re*Solve, talking about my favorite vegetarian/vegan cookbooks!

Stop by and show some love! :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Dear Summer, I Hate You.

Happy 1st day of the worst season of the year.  Summer is the worst, you guys.  The only redeeming aspect is that the traffic is a bit lighter, but I would gladly exchange that to have winter forever.  Here's some reasons why:

1.  It is too hot for anything.  You can go outside comfortably before maybe 9:30 in the morning (only you will be in the thick of sticky humidity) then not until maybe 8:30 at night.  You have to contemplate simple things like taking the trash out or getting the mail if it isn't during these windows otherwise you will be covered in sweat and most likely need to change clothes.  Beautiful parks, trips to the zoo or beach, it is like, why even bother.  You will just be in the miserable heat. 

2. No good holidays.  Not that the 4th of July isn't a good holiday, but at my workplace, if it is on a Wednesday, we just get that random day in the middle of the week off.  They should have planned our independence celebration to be a long weekend sort of thing like Labor Day.  Speaking of Labor Day - that is the next good holiday and it is FOREVER away. 

3. Big people ought not wear small clothes.  I already have the extra padding on my body from eating too much and not exercising, but I must add to the fact that I look totally gross in sleeveless tops and shorts are reserved only for the most sweltering of occasions.  So not only is it hot, but I can't run around in tiny amounts of clothing.  I suppose that is my own fault though....either way. 

4. The A/C bill is insane.  Our normal $100ish dollar a month bill increases by around 50%, and it STILL never feels an optimum level of cool until the middle of the night. 

5.  There are times when you are forced to be outside for one reason or another and yours truly aways ends up with at least one sunburn of the season.  They are the worst too. 

6. Mosquitoes all over the place.  Enough said. 

There you have it.

Please share why you too think summer is terrible!

PS - The Houston Chronicle agrees with me

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting - 4th of July Edition

Independence Day is right around the corner, so I have themed my pinteresting post on all things 4th of July.  Time to start getting those ideas together for your BBQ.  Or if you are me, ignore this because your nose will be in a book preparing for your CPA exam the following day.  I totally lose the good planning award this time.  C'est la vie!

For the crafty set

For the jello-shot enthusiast

For Martha Stewart

For people who don't bite off their nails.  Gross, Natalie.

For those who love ice cream sandwiches

For Americans.

See more from my Pinterest Board: America!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Bachelorette Recap - Bring your tissues.

We begin this week by taking the crew from Los Angeles to Atlantic City, the first stop of The Bachelorette world tour.  Only 13 men remain, who will make it to the end of the episode??
The first one-on-one date is with Brad, the accountant. 
They spend the first part of the date on the boardwalk riding roller coasters and having a seemingly good time.  Someone allowed them to run wild in a candy factory. 
The guys- esp Zak - are trying to watch their date from their high rise Atlantic City digs.
Everything seems fine until dinner.  The awkward silences go on for an eternity!  Then Des invites him to climb a million stairs to the top of a lighthouse only to inform him that he doesn't get a rose, and go home.  Brad cried.  Why, I am unsure.  The saddest part is that Brad perpetuates the stereotype that accountants are boring, which is obviously not true in my case. lol. 
So then on the group date, we endure a Mr. America pageant.  It was actually pretty funny, and I enjoyed seeing this goofy side of all the guys. 
Kasey won with a tap dancing routine.
Zak, who was the first runner up ended up with the rose for the group date because he wrote her a mushy song and sung it for her.  Other tidbits be learned, Juan Pablo has a daughter...(?!) is this Daddy edition of the Bachelor or what??  Chris struggles with interview questions, and Mikey wants you to know he isn't just a piece of meat...though he loves showing off his dancing pecks.  Oh, people.
Then on the last one-on-one date was with James.  ABC threw us for a loop an instead of a fancy extravagant date, they took a helicopter ride to see all the damage from Hurricane Sandy. 
We were on a rollercoaster of emotions.
If that weren't sad enough, we meet Manny and Jan.  We tour their house that was destroyed in the storm, and they tell their story of how they lost practically everything.  It was totally heartbreaking.
Des and James heard that Hurricane Sandy hit right on this couple's anniversary, so they sent Manny and Jan off for the extravagant date meant for them.  It was really sweet, and this couple seemed so excited and happy!  They ended up having a fab time and I totally teared up when they received a restored copy of their wedding album <3 so sweet.
Pause for soapbox moment.  There were people tweeting about how, oh thanks ABC, send them on a fancy date when they probably just want their house to be livable, etc.  Crap like this really gets me because people want to go on and on about how whatever you did isn't enough.  Can't you just be happy that these people got to escape their reality for a night and have a nice memory.  You know, you tweeter didn't sell all your belongings to help victims either, you probably just sent a text to whereever to donate $10 and think you are Superman or whatever and have free reign to criticize any good deed.  Stuff like this I feel discourages people from doing anything because they can't do everything, and it is beyond dumb.  ABC could have sent them to NYC and they would have been all fabulous and we'd be none the wiser, but they instead probably got the Red Cross some more donations/publicity and gave Manny and Jan a night to remember in exchange for them sharing their story.  (which isn't exploitation in the slightest either, other tweeters.)  Plus, who doesn't have insurance on their home - that is who is supposed to pay for repairs, not TV companies. 
So yeah the whole date was depressing, but you feel like James and Des are really connecting...
Until James admits to Des that he cheated on his girlfriend of 5 years.  Whomp whomp.
She appreciates his honesty, but if I were her I'd appreciate to know that when no one is home he likes to take bubble baths and eat chocolate covered strawberries.  For real.

So then Bryden was being weird.  He didn't really get any time with Des this week and he felt his fire for her was dimming.  I think he is just worried that she is connecting with the other guys, and isn't all about Bryden, so he is going to reject her before she can reject him.  I heard some rumors that he's got a gal back home, so who knows.  She ended up keeping him and getting rid of Zack with a C.  Who is that guy?!

Plus a total swoon moment with Chris.  I totally want him to lose so he can be the next Bachelor.
So this week we said goodbye to Brad and this Zack person.

Next week we're in Munich!


What did you think of this week's episode??

Monday, June 17, 2013

Garza Family Reunion + Fathers Day

This weekend was GREAT!  We took a long weekend to San Antonio to see family and go to a reunion.  We laughed and told old stories, met new babies and significant others and caught up with everyone and it was wonderful.  It was either rainy or hotter than all get out (and we were outside pretty much all weekend) but we survived.

We stayed at the Blazing Star Luxury RV Resort in a cabin, and it was very cute.  Aaron and I could totally be trailer park people, lol.  Joking, but we had nice accommodations and the place was clean and lots of shade.  Recommended if you are an RVer and are in the San Antonio area.

Ok, onto the pictures!
Children of my cousins.  The cutest!

Chris, Sarah, Aunt Virginia and Uncle Jesse

Uncle Tom Aunt Gloria Aunt Nan and cousin Martha

Cousins Jason, Roxanne, Amy, and tiniest cousin Camden.  He is totally precious!

All the ladies

All the gents

This flower is a'wilting
Sunday we went to Father's Day Lunch at La Hacienda de los Barrios. 
The food was awesome, and the place is really nice!

Uncle Ricky, Grandpa, Shirley

Paul, Uncle Joe, Bianca
There were a bunch of other people there too, but I can't post all 60+ photos, lol.
Not shown, though I am sure he was there:
My Dad
Thankfully Uncle Joe spent much of the weekend telling us old stories of the shenanigans you two would get into.  We laughed and got a little teary, and my heart felt so big.  Priceless.  We miss you!
Great weekend!  Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!
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