Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May Birch Box Brag!

 In where I show off my lack of photography skills.  Sorry about that.

I have actually tried all of these before writing up my review!  Are you as impressed with me as I am? lol. 
I'll go in order of the card because that is what I am feeling right now. 
This stuff is alright.  It detangles pretty well, but so does $3 kid stuff, so that doesn't seem mind blowing.  Speaking of blowing, I do zero amounts of heat damaging stuff to my hairs.  I wash, mousse, hairspray, airdry.  So this product really isn't meant for people with hair routines like mine, I'm guessing.  As a conditioner, I think it is alright.  My hair feels very soft, but check exhibit A.
That is a crazy amount of frizz happening off the top of my head.  Plus I think my brows are turning grey, so that is a very sad day.  I got the olds.
 I digress, but I have used the Biolage leave in conditioner and I like it 1000% times better for around the same price.
Speaking of price though, I usually think 99% of this stuff is way more $$ than I want to pay for makeup and beauty products, so I am unsure why I am even a subscriber....
Moving on.
Loving that this has a high SPF factor for us pale vampire gals like me!  Plus is is organic, which is nice and fancy.  I really liked this stuff because it was so lightweight and smooth.  Regular sunblock is just a big goopey thick mess, and I almost think I'd rather deal with skincancer than have to have that stuff caked on under makeup.  Problem solved.  It is a bit pricey, but I'd say worth it if you are dolled up and in the sun frequently.
I am wearing this today, and I think I would like it if I hadn't overdone it.  I put on the usual amount that I would for any scent and I can REALLY smell it, like crazy a lot.  It is a fresh and airy kind of baby-powderish scent - but trust me - a little goes a loooong way.  Is there a way to remove too much perfume?  Because it is really turning my stomach at this point.
LOVE!  This stuff goes on so smooth!  It is just like butter!  Only downside is that it is pretty unblendable.  Good if you want a really sharp defined line, but bad if you mess up and blend to hide your mistake (me.).  It is pretty reasonably priced for the quality too.  I will definitely be buying this once my sample runs out.
LOVE!  I think I may have found my new go-to facewash.  I feel like I am in a weird skin age where anti-aging skin stuff is waaay over moisturizing and weird and makes me breakout like a 17 year old, and everything else is too over drying or made for young oilyish skin.  Or it costs $20 and I am sorry but in your dreams would I pay that much for some soap!  Oh plus, my skin is sensitive and turns red whenever you even touch it.  It is awesome being me.  This stuff is only $10, which is a much easier pill to swallow, and it was really easy on my face (not crazy red after washing) and has very gentle exfoliators in there that got the job done without being rough.  I already bought a full size bottle, hopefully the results stick! 
So that was my Birch Box this month - tried any of these before?  


Becca {Becoming Adorrable} said...

Wow! They didn't send you a pen or toothpaste! Haha maybe BB got the message with the first batch. I use heat protectant every day because I blow dry and flat iron. And Yes to grapefruit is some amazing stuff!

Annie said...

Do you recommend subscribing to Birch Box? I need to jump on the bandwagon but I'm worried it's kind of a hit or miss deal (but this months seemed like a hit to me!). What do you think?

Unknown said...

ooh I hope that I got the Say YES face scrub (I haven't open the box yet). I love that brand!

Helene said...

Ohh I wanna try that coola! Obsessed with good sunscreen!

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