Thursday, May 23, 2013

Houston Art Car Parade!

Hey Gang,

I am late unloading pics from our fancy camera, so this is why I am sharing so late.  Houston Art Car Parade was the weekend before last, so we went and saw all the sights!  This is an annual event in Houston, and we had never been - so obvs I had to take pics of every single car I  Hope you enjoy this display of people turning cars into artwork! (If you want to see a larger pic, I believe you can click on them to blow them up)

That is Jesus hanging out the passenger side, like a scrub. (No scrubs, TLC, anyone?  lol)

Pole on a car?  Stay classy, Houston!

Sock Monkey car was one of my faves.

Bumble bee car


Covered in fish

Thug cars that bounce up and down

Construction equipment car





Legalize marijuana people.  Of course they would show up, lol.

The crapper car

Hell in a handbasket, lol

Pink Bunny

I think this was a metal elephant

Luchadors, lol

Giant VW Beetle

Man traveling by unicycle - not part of the parade

Cockroach, ew!
This parade is really fun, if you are in Houston, you really should check it out!


Venus Trapped In Mars said...

This. Is. Incredible. My favorite is hands down the crapper car.

Anonymous said...

The Art Car Parade is one of my favorite things about Houston! The fish car (aka the Sashimi Tabernacle Choir) is my fave every year.

Unknown said...

this is awesome!!

Live Laugh Love said...

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Kelly said...

What a great idea! I found your blog through Shane's birthday giveaway and I am so glad I did, I love it and I am now following you!

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Ali said...

This. Is. Incredible. My favorite is hands down the crapper car.
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