Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blogging is a __________

I have been having a lot of feelings about blogging and writing about them (and exchanging ideas) helps my mind work out a solution.

I was going to title this post 'Blogging is a run away freight train' but the analogy doesn't quite gel for me.

Kinda harsh, Google!

In short, I am at a point where I get overwhelmed very easily with blogging. 

I like to be really good at stuff I do (don't we all) and that of course includes blogging.  I want to have 5000 GFC friends, and be on the top search results of blog/interesting related things.  Not prison related things.

And God love the internet, I have a short list of 90 things I can do to get to where I want to be.  And I wanted to be there yesterday. 
Optimize SEO
Write 'Pinnable' posts
Post more often
Start a series
Participate in link ups
Start a link up
Be more active on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest
Figure out how to engage the audience
Organize a big giveaway
Comment on more blogs
Foster relationships with bigger bloggers
Advertise on other blogs more
Advertise in some other way
Guest post
Read some books on blogging
Take better pictures
Get a better camera
Learn better HTML skills
Figure out blog design
Move to Wordpress maybe?
Write 'shareable' content
Submit articles to other websites
Do more stuff so you have things to write about
Find my niche
Make a blog mission statement
Read a pro-blogger (etc.) article every day
Write an e-book (about what?! lol)
Be funnier
Be nicer
Be less controversial
and it goes on and on...
I feel like I could work on this list 24 hours a day and never be complete.  There are always more posts to read, new ideas to be brainstormed, friends to reach out to, content to write, etc.  Which is exactly why my mind goes 90 miles a minute and it is easier to just unplug for a bit rather than figure what should be tackled next.  Because of the nature of blogging is so perpetual, I can't even fathom a day where I could be a the blogger that plans 5 posts a week ahead of time and is super organized about it all - like a real business.  Yet that is what I hope this space can become.  Quite the conundrum.
I am trying to get into a mental space of just letting things happen in their own good time, but it is hard.  I feel like if I could take a few weeks off from my life responsibilities I could totally crush it and knock a lot off that daunting list and find a routine I am happy with.  But I don't have that luxury, so I need to be fine if it takes me a year of blogging before I break the 1000 subscribers mark, or find the time to master blogging photography.  As it stands, I have an email box full of comments that I haven't replied to, a giveaway I was trying to organize from 2 months ago that needs finishing up, and about 135 blog posts from my faves that I need to go read.  But I will get to it all, no doubt.  I mean, I have a lot of other stuff going on that will always trump blogging, like spending time with Aaron, achieving my career goals and watching a lot of TV(obvs.).  Priorities, y'all. 
How do you deal with balancing it all?
And how would you fill in the blank - Blogging is a ?



Megan said...

"Blogging is a sin" haha...oh Google. Anyway, if you find a way to write pinnable/sharable content and get readers more engaged, share your secret. I'm having a hare time with that. I've had so few comments lately. I also have been trying to make my posts more pinworthy, but it's not happening. I guess we all have good times and bad times in blogging.

Alyssa Whitt said...

I know what you mean! I've just come to the realization that I'm probably never going to be a big blogger. And that's ok! I'm not overly crafty, fashionable or a foodie. And it can be overwhelming thinking about everything I would like for my little piece of the internet. Completely understand where you're coming from.

Bekah Loves Blog said...

I thought I understood SEO but i clearly do not.

Unknown said...

Boy oh boy.... I needed to read this today. I'm so with ya. Thanks for posting!

TheTinyHeart said...

I definitely get overwhelmed at times too. I'd say blogging is a second job! There's a million things I wish I could work on to improve my blog but sometimes I just don't have the time. I always try to live my life first and put blogging second so that it doesn't feel like a chore.

The Tiny Heart
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Laura said...

LOLOL that google search is hilarious (both of them). I've become less and less obsessed with becoming this blogger who has a TON of followers. For many reasons. The first of which is i started blogging just to keep my parents in the loop with my wedding planning - and it was fun. And it started to become more overwhelming, than fun. The last two weeks I didn't blog at all...and it was this heavy cloud hanging over my head "I should blog...I'll lose followers" But you know what? I had more cuddle time with my husband and puppy than I had in awhile..and...I just needed it. At the end of the day, that was more important.

I think you're doing a fantastic job building up your blog. Rome wasn't built in a day - and neither were those other big-time blogs. A lot of the big shots started their blogs at a time when the internet wasn't so inundated with blogs and there wasn't as much competition. They were able to become these staples and rise up quickly, but it's definitely harder now.

And being a big-time blogger has its drawbacks too. One of the bloggers I follow live in Boston. She was away on vacation during the Boston Bombings and had scheduled her entire week's worth of posts before leaving. When she didn't acknowledge the bombing on her blog the next day, so many people lashed out at her. "How could you not address it?" "I'm never reading you again, you're so insensitive" Ridiculous! People: she's on VACATION...she didn't know this would happen! I know bloggers have to take the good with the bad and handle criticism, but when I see stuff like that..I'm just like "no thank you"

Slow and steady wins the race...over time, before you know it, things will fall into place.

Woa..that ended up being long ;)

jfulford said...

blogging is self-expression. having great expectations means great disappointments. enjoy the way...Jennifer

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