Thursday, April 25, 2013

March and April Birch Box Review

I totally forgot to review my March Birch Box, so you get a twofer today!

I got this Supergoop sunbock sample.  I am a vampire and rarely go outside, but I have it saved for summer time.

Macadamia Natural Oil brand hair serum and hair masque.
I loved these both!  First of all, the smell was great.  I felt like I was in Hawaii!  The masque totally gave a moisture makeover to my head.  It was good hair days for a week straight after I tried it!  The oil was neat/interesting too.  It was a little messy to use - you just pour straight oil out of the little glass bottle - but a quarter size amount added to my hair before I mousse and hairspray it and I had the softest hair.  Plus it really kept my style from looking crunchy #curlyhairprobz.  When my bottle runs out, I may have to buy a full size.

This is a strange rosey tinted idon'tknowwhat.  (can you tell I am not really a makeup/beauty person yet?)  The story on the back of the little card said that this stuff was created to help a burlesque dancer tint up her nipples? (are you blushing yet?!) But I guess you can use this stuff anywhere you want.  It is very watery, and the color is faint.  The applicator is similar to nailpolish, so I am unsure how exactly to use it as blush or whatnot.  It smells very strongly of roses too.  Yeah, basically perplexed on what to do with this, as I believe my shade of nipple is good as is. lol. (sorry family! tmi.) 

Whish Shave Cream.  I was eager to try this because it was a product I actually use (shaving cream) and not nipple tint.  I usually used the canned foamy stuff, and it works well for me.  This stuff is more like lotion, so it was already stranger in strangeland.  Then I was like, yay, blueberry smell.  Until you smell it and realize it was more blueberry and butter.  The more I used it, the more the buttery aroma was nauseating.  My legs were very moisturized after though, so that was a promise that delivered.  I think I would pass due to the smell though.  And the price.  A can of foam is like $3 tops and last me months.  


My April Loot!

I had to wait a bit because the mailman or the apartment office lost my original one. :\  Birch Box sent me a new one, no problem.  Their customer service is actually pretty great from the two times I've had to deal with them.  Always a good thing!

Hail Merry Macaroons.  Food?  Yes!

Here are the two little guys.  They were pretty tasty!  Coconutty and chocolaty.  If I were gluten free, I'd definitely keep these in my kitchen.  And maybe desk at work.  
Moist towelettes.  Saving these in my purse for a rainy day.  Or on the off chance I ever do yoga.  lol, like that'll happen!

Malin + Goetz cilantro hair conditioner.  I like the name.  I like cilantro on Mexican food.  Why not?  It doesn't smell like cilantro at all, probably a good thing.  It seems really thick, which is a good sign for dry curly hair.  Haven't tried yet, will be back to update.

Caudalie SOS Morning Eye Rescue.  Weird to have an eye cream for the morning, but I like the texture and the lack of strong odor.  I feel like I look a few weeks younger already.  ;)

Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in Starlet.  Holy Geez this color is clown orange.  Not cute at all.  I feel like they sent out this color because it was a discontinued reject.  Color problems aside, I really love the texture of the product and it lasted all night when I was around my house in my PJs with orange lipstick on.  I know it is just a sample, but it is a pencil and the pencil part is plastic.  So I am unsure how it would be sharpened when the time comes.  I am hoping with some experimentation I can mix this with another lipstick that I have and make a wearable Frankenlipstick color.  Hey, maybe the nipple tint stuff?!  

I hope you enjoyed my review of these make up things.  Has anyone else tried any of these?


Anonymous said...

My March & April Birchboxes did not have any of these things. They were pretty lame both months.

Becca {Becoming Adorrable} said...

lol nipple tint. I would have actually loved to be able to try that, but BB hates me. I have the Benefit high beam and it's wonderful.

Alyssa said...

Girl, I LOVE Benetint. Let me teach you my ways! There's a learning curve, but it will change your life!

Laura said...

Very cool products! I really should sign up for this, it must be so fun to get little treats every month! If you learn the in's and out's of benetint..let us know!

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

Girl you got hooked up this month! Have fun with all your goodies! I'm curious about the hair conditioner... It sounds like a good one!

a_mo said...

Your birchboxes look great! I wish I got such fun stuff! Also, I use Benetint, not on my nips, but like I would blush. I second the high beam rec, though, that stuff is great.

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