Monday, April 22, 2013

It is Monday Already

Good Monday to everyone!  I hope the weekend was good for everyone.  Mine was pretty good!

Friday night:

I made some gumbo, and we were glued to the TV.
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I am really glad that they caught the suspect, and I am also pretty glad that he was alive so maybe the people harmed by this event can get some answers/closure.  It is very true though, reality is stranger than fiction.  Still praying for all those affected by this horrible event.

I don't know what it is, but I am getting really good at sleeping in.  Like if I am committed enough, I can sleep until 9:30 or 10!  I had to finally get up and moving because I had an eye doctor appointment at 1:30.  Much to my surprise, my vision got better!  And everything else with my eyes is fine.  I went online and got 2 pairs of glasses for $200 from Glasses USA.  Last time I got glasses I went to Target Optical and paid like $450.  Ripoff!  So hopefully they arrive soon and I can show you guys how they look! :)

My little bro called later in the afternoon and he and I met up for some Red Robin and the new Tom Cruise movie: Oblivion.  It was pretty good I suppose.  I am not a big action/sci-fi kind of movie gal, but I was entertained and it was different from anything I had seen.  I'd say 3/5 stars?  Aaron stayed home because he is ridiculous and protests any movie or anything that features Scientologists because they are evil (or something).  I think it is kind of silly, but he sticks to his guns about it, what can I do?  I get to go have fun and he gets to sit at home, that's what.  

Aaron woke up with a terrible headache for the millionth time, so we missed church again.  I went and got a new light bulb for my car's brake light because it was out and got us some drive-thru breakfast.  It was so gorgeous outside that I was determined to get us outside somehow.  We saw this Chase Bank commercial with this lady depositing a check at the zoo, and were discussing how that makes little sense to be handling your banking at the zoo when it hit me.  Pretty day - we should go to the zoo, and perhaps a picnic.  Nice days like this in Houston are few and far between, it was now or never.  So we didn't have any good picnic foods so we declined the picnic idea and just headed out to the zoo.  Well every fool in town had our same idea so we circled the parking lot for about 30 mins before temporarily giving up.  It was noon, so we thought we'd get lunch then come back.  Surely by then people will be heading out and free up some parking.  Well when we came back it was even worse than before.  We decided to come back another time, and be there really early.  So we just went home and took naps.  Before I knew it the day was over and I didn't really get a whole lot done.  Oh well!  


Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

ohh, that is so sad that you couldn't find parking at the zoo! I love the zoo.

Megan said...

I hate when places are crazy like that. I get so frustrated so quickly that I end up giving up too usually, haha! Hope you guys can go back soon!

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