Friday, April 26, 2013

Catching Up with Ladies of MTV's Teen Mom 2

This should be more of a book than a blog post, but Aaron and I were in deep discussions last night about all the bad decisions of the Teen Moms and I thought I would open a dialogue of discussion about them.  Dr. Drew style, but without their input or ability to defend themselves.
Teen Mom 2
The last and final season of Teen Mom 2 is winding down, and we are seeing these ladies blossom into adulthood.  Some better than others.
When the series started, Jenelle showed a decent amount of promise.  Well as best as a teen mother can.  She was going to college, she didn't have the pressure of caring for her own child alone.  Then things just started to go down hill fast. 
I really feel for Jenelle and her obvious substance abuse issues.  I know she is a trainwreck, hangs out with bad people.  From my years of being a fan of A&E's Intervention, it is the case 100% of the time that drug addiction is merely a symptom of being deeply sad/troubled.  So instead of getting the mental help these people need, they self medicate with drugs.  It is never just a party girl or guy who takes things too far.  These people have serious internal hurt that they don't know how else to deal with. 
It is clear to me that Jenelle deals with depression and bi-polar disorder, which may be attributed to several factors that we see on the show.  Her Mom, seems extremely hard to be around.  I usually agree with her Mom's frustrations, but the way she communicated them to Jenelle with borderline ear trauma screeching doesn't work.  Jenelle probably internalizes her Mom's disappointment, along with guilt for not having her life together to take care of her son Jace.  Mix is one bad apple boyfriend (Keifer.) ((and probably the criticism she gets from everywhere due to appearing in a reality tv show))and shiz starts rolling downhill real quick.  I feel like she is at a point where she just doesn't care about her life anymore.  Rock bottom is slapping her right in the face.
But in all reality, Jenelle needs to grow up too.  She has stated that she know she gets all wacky when she is off her meds, so that needs to become a priority to her.  I also think she should move far away from her home to get away from her drug friends and all these loser boyfriends she keeps finding.  She really needs to learn to listen to people who care about her.  Jenelle is the type where you can't tell her anything.  It is always someone else's fault that she can't act right, and be responsible. 
That being said, I hope she can get the help she needs.
Oh Kailyn.  She is the Teen Mom who annoying the tar outta me the most.  I also think her son Isaac is the CUTEST baby in Teen Mom history.  I am so torn!  I feel for her that she has no family she is close with in the area, and the whole deal with her mom.  She totally uses Isaac as a pawn with people she isn't in good graces with.  It is apparent that these Teem Moms have trouble balancing the selfishness of youth with the selflessness motherhood seems to require. 
Like the time her Mom went to see Isaac when he was at Jo's house, and she flipped.  Her argument was that she didn't want grandma to be coming in and out of Isaac's life like grandma does to Kailyn.  A. It is over stepping your boundaries to tell Jo what he can and can not do when Isaac is with him.  It is just as much his child as it is yours.  B. It is a grandma figure.  Most people's grandparents are not daily staples in their life.  You should be happy she cares enough to go see him and perhaps have a relationship with him.  You should be more concerned about how your boyfriends are going in and out of his life because that is far more meaningful to his little psyche. 
I don't know what it is like to be a mother, let alone a single one having to split the time with your child with your child's father, but if the father isn't some sort of danger to your child (like a drug addict or something) then you really have no say in what they do in the time outside your home.  Like with the whole deal with Jo's girlfriend Vi.  So, for clarity, it is okay for Kailyn to move in with Jordan, break up with Jordan, move in with Javi now, etc, without any noticeable regard for what is best for Isaac, but Jo isn't allowed to have his girlfriend around his son?  Really.  She thinks like this.  AND after Vi took it upon herself to try and be nice to you and introduce herself, etc.  It is like she wants her life to be drama filled and difficult. 
I am glad that Javi thinks Kailyn is a good life partner and at least she'll have a stable mate in her life, but I really hate that the Air Force is more than likely going to move them away from Jo.  I think Jo and his family are a wonderful asset that Isaac has in his life (where he can learn skills of what normal life should be like when your parents aren't nuts and turning their back on you ((looking at you, Kailyn's Mom.))) 
Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea.  I like her despite her unorthodox hairdos.  I just don't get where her lack of drive comes from.  Actually I do, I think Daddy Houska has been spoiling little princess Chelsea her whole life.  Chels is the poster child of how teen pregnancy can happen to all walks of life.  Not just the Jenelles and Kailyns of the world.  From what I can tell, Chelsea doesn't have to work, and lives a charmed life of buying every animal printed thing in existence, getting her hair bleached, and playing with Aubree.  Oh yeah, and forever pining over her baby-daddy, who might be the biggest a-hole of a person I have seen.  She can't be bothered with passing a GED test (until 4 seasons later, she FINALLY did it) nor can she be bothered with sticking with 9 months of hair school.  Thanks Daddy, this is what your parenting style yields.  Seriously though, what is wrong with her and not getting over Adam.  My fellow Teem Mom aficionado Angela said it best "is that the only boy she knows?"  You would think so because not one minute after the father of my child called me a fat stretch marked b****, he would be dead to me.  (Yes, he actually did this, and she actually got back with him like two other times after this) Like put your check in the mail, and you can have your parents come pick up your child because there would be a restraining order on you.  But no, the second he says two nice things to her, she forgives and forgets and the cycle continues.  I will never understand how it gets into girl DNA that you would accept this treatment from ANYONE, let alone a guy.  I feel like Chelsea is finally starting to see the light and staying away from him.  I think if she got a boyfriend who was actually making something of himself, she could get over Adam and be motivated to be something too. 
Leah and the Corey/Jeremy love triangle 
I don't have too much commentary on Leah.  I think she is a good mom, and I love how she and Corey can put aside whatever issues they do or don't have at the time to talk about their girls.  I feel like her now husband Jeremy was getting the short end of the stick for all of last season and this season because Leah was on the fence about working it out with Corey.  I think it is very poor form to accept a ring from a man while you are still considering a future with another.  He took it all in stride though, that was very solid of him - he must really love her.  Plus, being reckless with birth control is totally dumb.  I know she really wants the perfect happy family, but having more kids doesn't just make that happen.  I thought it was really crappy though that Leah and Corey made a child support agreement then as soon as the courts get involved it bumps up another few hundred dollars.  I am all for people paying for their kids needs, of course, but before any of these convos were had Leah says that 'we got this new house and it is a lot of money, so I am thinking about talking to Corey about upping child support since I know he got a raise".  I ain't sayin' she a gold digger... ok, maybe I am.  As you see, the happy couple finally did end up getting married and had another little girl.  I wish them all the best, and I hope the best for Corey as well, because he is a good dude too.  I think he and Jeremy might have a bromance going on... but that is another post for another day. 
Bonus - Farrah from Teen Mom 1 - Have you ever seen a more sad grasp of the tail end of your 15 mins of fame than this.  Good God.  
I am going to search for the Dr. Phil interview with her over the weekend.  It should be good!
Any Teen Mom fans out there?  What are your thoughts on this season?




~Anchored In Christ~ said...

Yes I'm a fan but havent really watched the last 2 episodes but just briefly. I'm disappointed in Farrah to see all her porn stuff being said all over the net and how Jenelle is a druggy and all this stuff.

What I dont get is how these teen moms do what ever and are talked about but one show everyone loved is being canceled b/c of 2 people getting a dui and one passing away. Makes no sense to me how MTV works.

Alyssa said...

YESSSS TEEN MOM. i am obsessed, and it is embarrassing. Totes agree that Jenelle just needs to get out of the spotlight for good. Here's the Farrah interview if you haven't been able to find it!

Erica @Always a Sooner Girl said...

From what I understand, their is a book coming out. I have seen a lot of people quit working on the show because of how some of the moms act/ or their living conditions. Leah is making the most out of all of them, the last contract they had she waited a long time for agreeing to the money amount. Plus she talks on the net about how much her husband makes, he got layed off and went back to work shortly after she said that(she has a job because of him getting let go, I think it was for show). In a way I feel bad for Corey due to the fact she cheated on him more than once with that Robbie guy. I know to much , dang friends and my mom who is crazy about that show.i can't watch it anymore. They are actually going to cancel it all together even season three which hasn't aired yet because of the actions these girls are making. Janelle has 8 mug shots now

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