Monday, April 29, 2013

April Cara Box Exchange!

Cara Box

I am linking up with Kaitlyn/Wifessionals for another month of Cara Box exchanges!  This month's theme was picked for Earth Day, so all things 'green'!  I got partnered with Julie at Oh My Tookies, and Bekah at Re*Solve.  It was really great getting to know both of these ladies!  I especially connected with Bekah and her blog.  She is totally awesome, and you should definitely check her blog out!

I sent a box to Julie so you will have to visit her page to see what I sent.  Bekah sent a box to me and it was filled with so much greatness!  It is so fun to get goodies in the mail, without further adieu:
Here is the whole shebang!

This was totally the coolest, it is a drink tumbler with a center piece for fruit and such to make infused water!  How cool is that!?  Bekah was nice enough to include a handy list of infusing options to try.  Love it!  (and it is my favorite color too!)

Blue sparkle nailpolish and a set of nail stuff with clippers, a toe separator and a nail file.  Awesome!  My toes are painted as we speak!

Method brand hand sanitizer (Method is a really awesome earth friendly brand - love their products!) and some Arbonne shampoo and conditioner samples.  
I have been reading about Arbonne and it seems like a really great line of products - the are all vegan and without the dangerous chemicals and such.  I am excited that I get to try some of them out!

Going to try out these protein shakes too!

Unreal54 - by Unjunked (peanut M&Ms basically)

No bad stuff, win!  I ate these 2 seconds after photographing them.  They taste great!

They make pens out of old bottled water!  Is that cool or what?!

See, there was just so much to be excited out this Carabox, thanks so much Bekah!  I loved it, and I loved that I got to 'meet' you and know you better!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Catching Up with Ladies of MTV's Teen Mom 2

This should be more of a book than a blog post, but Aaron and I were in deep discussions last night about all the bad decisions of the Teen Moms and I thought I would open a dialogue of discussion about them.  Dr. Drew style, but without their input or ability to defend themselves.
Teen Mom 2
The last and final season of Teen Mom 2 is winding down, and we are seeing these ladies blossom into adulthood.  Some better than others.
When the series started, Jenelle showed a decent amount of promise.  Well as best as a teen mother can.  She was going to college, she didn't have the pressure of caring for her own child alone.  Then things just started to go down hill fast. 
I really feel for Jenelle and her obvious substance abuse issues.  I know she is a trainwreck, hangs out with bad people.  From my years of being a fan of A&E's Intervention, it is the case 100% of the time that drug addiction is merely a symptom of being deeply sad/troubled.  So instead of getting the mental help these people need, they self medicate with drugs.  It is never just a party girl or guy who takes things too far.  These people have serious internal hurt that they don't know how else to deal with. 
It is clear to me that Jenelle deals with depression and bi-polar disorder, which may be attributed to several factors that we see on the show.  Her Mom, seems extremely hard to be around.  I usually agree with her Mom's frustrations, but the way she communicated them to Jenelle with borderline ear trauma screeching doesn't work.  Jenelle probably internalizes her Mom's disappointment, along with guilt for not having her life together to take care of her son Jace.  Mix is one bad apple boyfriend (Keifer.) ((and probably the criticism she gets from everywhere due to appearing in a reality tv show))and shiz starts rolling downhill real quick.  I feel like she is at a point where she just doesn't care about her life anymore.  Rock bottom is slapping her right in the face.
But in all reality, Jenelle needs to grow up too.  She has stated that she know she gets all wacky when she is off her meds, so that needs to become a priority to her.  I also think she should move far away from her home to get away from her drug friends and all these loser boyfriends she keeps finding.  She really needs to learn to listen to people who care about her.  Jenelle is the type where you can't tell her anything.  It is always someone else's fault that she can't act right, and be responsible. 
That being said, I hope she can get the help she needs.
Oh Kailyn.  She is the Teen Mom who annoying the tar outta me the most.  I also think her son Isaac is the CUTEST baby in Teen Mom history.  I am so torn!  I feel for her that she has no family she is close with in the area, and the whole deal with her mom.  She totally uses Isaac as a pawn with people she isn't in good graces with.  It is apparent that these Teem Moms have trouble balancing the selfishness of youth with the selflessness motherhood seems to require. 
Like the time her Mom went to see Isaac when he was at Jo's house, and she flipped.  Her argument was that she didn't want grandma to be coming in and out of Isaac's life like grandma does to Kailyn.  A. It is over stepping your boundaries to tell Jo what he can and can not do when Isaac is with him.  It is just as much his child as it is yours.  B. It is a grandma figure.  Most people's grandparents are not daily staples in their life.  You should be happy she cares enough to go see him and perhaps have a relationship with him.  You should be more concerned about how your boyfriends are going in and out of his life because that is far more meaningful to his little psyche. 
I don't know what it is like to be a mother, let alone a single one having to split the time with your child with your child's father, but if the father isn't some sort of danger to your child (like a drug addict or something) then you really have no say in what they do in the time outside your home.  Like with the whole deal with Jo's girlfriend Vi.  So, for clarity, it is okay for Kailyn to move in with Jordan, break up with Jordan, move in with Javi now, etc, without any noticeable regard for what is best for Isaac, but Jo isn't allowed to have his girlfriend around his son?  Really.  She thinks like this.  AND after Vi took it upon herself to try and be nice to you and introduce herself, etc.  It is like she wants her life to be drama filled and difficult. 
I am glad that Javi thinks Kailyn is a good life partner and at least she'll have a stable mate in her life, but I really hate that the Air Force is more than likely going to move them away from Jo.  I think Jo and his family are a wonderful asset that Isaac has in his life (where he can learn skills of what normal life should be like when your parents aren't nuts and turning their back on you ((looking at you, Kailyn's Mom.))) 
Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea.  I like her despite her unorthodox hairdos.  I just don't get where her lack of drive comes from.  Actually I do, I think Daddy Houska has been spoiling little princess Chelsea her whole life.  Chels is the poster child of how teen pregnancy can happen to all walks of life.  Not just the Jenelles and Kailyns of the world.  From what I can tell, Chelsea doesn't have to work, and lives a charmed life of buying every animal printed thing in existence, getting her hair bleached, and playing with Aubree.  Oh yeah, and forever pining over her baby-daddy, who might be the biggest a-hole of a person I have seen.  She can't be bothered with passing a GED test (until 4 seasons later, she FINALLY did it) nor can she be bothered with sticking with 9 months of hair school.  Thanks Daddy, this is what your parenting style yields.  Seriously though, what is wrong with her and not getting over Adam.  My fellow Teem Mom aficionado Angela said it best "is that the only boy she knows?"  You would think so because not one minute after the father of my child called me a fat stretch marked b****, he would be dead to me.  (Yes, he actually did this, and she actually got back with him like two other times after this) Like put your check in the mail, and you can have your parents come pick up your child because there would be a restraining order on you.  But no, the second he says two nice things to her, she forgives and forgets and the cycle continues.  I will never understand how it gets into girl DNA that you would accept this treatment from ANYONE, let alone a guy.  I feel like Chelsea is finally starting to see the light and staying away from him.  I think if she got a boyfriend who was actually making something of himself, she could get over Adam and be motivated to be something too. 
Leah and the Corey/Jeremy love triangle 
I don't have too much commentary on Leah.  I think she is a good mom, and I love how she and Corey can put aside whatever issues they do or don't have at the time to talk about their girls.  I feel like her now husband Jeremy was getting the short end of the stick for all of last season and this season because Leah was on the fence about working it out with Corey.  I think it is very poor form to accept a ring from a man while you are still considering a future with another.  He took it all in stride though, that was very solid of him - he must really love her.  Plus, being reckless with birth control is totally dumb.  I know she really wants the perfect happy family, but having more kids doesn't just make that happen.  I thought it was really crappy though that Leah and Corey made a child support agreement then as soon as the courts get involved it bumps up another few hundred dollars.  I am all for people paying for their kids needs, of course, but before any of these convos were had Leah says that 'we got this new house and it is a lot of money, so I am thinking about talking to Corey about upping child support since I know he got a raise".  I ain't sayin' she a gold digger... ok, maybe I am.  As you see, the happy couple finally did end up getting married and had another little girl.  I wish them all the best, and I hope the best for Corey as well, because he is a good dude too.  I think he and Jeremy might have a bromance going on... but that is another post for another day. 
Bonus - Farrah from Teen Mom 1 - Have you ever seen a more sad grasp of the tail end of your 15 mins of fame than this.  Good God.  
I am going to search for the Dr. Phil interview with her over the weekend.  It should be good!
Any Teen Mom fans out there?  What are your thoughts on this season?



ignore this.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

March and April Birch Box Review

I totally forgot to review my March Birch Box, so you get a twofer today!

I got this Supergoop sunbock sample.  I am a vampire and rarely go outside, but I have it saved for summer time.

Macadamia Natural Oil brand hair serum and hair masque.
I loved these both!  First of all, the smell was great.  I felt like I was in Hawaii!  The masque totally gave a moisture makeover to my head.  It was good hair days for a week straight after I tried it!  The oil was neat/interesting too.  It was a little messy to use - you just pour straight oil out of the little glass bottle - but a quarter size amount added to my hair before I mousse and hairspray it and I had the softest hair.  Plus it really kept my style from looking crunchy #curlyhairprobz.  When my bottle runs out, I may have to buy a full size.

This is a strange rosey tinted idon'tknowwhat.  (can you tell I am not really a makeup/beauty person yet?)  The story on the back of the little card said that this stuff was created to help a burlesque dancer tint up her nipples? (are you blushing yet?!) But I guess you can use this stuff anywhere you want.  It is very watery, and the color is faint.  The applicator is similar to nailpolish, so I am unsure how exactly to use it as blush or whatnot.  It smells very strongly of roses too.  Yeah, basically perplexed on what to do with this, as I believe my shade of nipple is good as is. lol. (sorry family! tmi.) 

Whish Shave Cream.  I was eager to try this because it was a product I actually use (shaving cream) and not nipple tint.  I usually used the canned foamy stuff, and it works well for me.  This stuff is more like lotion, so it was already stranger in strangeland.  Then I was like, yay, blueberry smell.  Until you smell it and realize it was more blueberry and butter.  The more I used it, the more the buttery aroma was nauseating.  My legs were very moisturized after though, so that was a promise that delivered.  I think I would pass due to the smell though.  And the price.  A can of foam is like $3 tops and last me months.  


My April Loot!

I had to wait a bit because the mailman or the apartment office lost my original one. :\  Birch Box sent me a new one, no problem.  Their customer service is actually pretty great from the two times I've had to deal with them.  Always a good thing!

Hail Merry Macaroons.  Food?  Yes!

Here are the two little guys.  They were pretty tasty!  Coconutty and chocolaty.  If I were gluten free, I'd definitely keep these in my kitchen.  And maybe desk at work.  
Moist towelettes.  Saving these in my purse for a rainy day.  Or on the off chance I ever do yoga.  lol, like that'll happen!

Malin + Goetz cilantro hair conditioner.  I like the name.  I like cilantro on Mexican food.  Why not?  It doesn't smell like cilantro at all, probably a good thing.  It seems really thick, which is a good sign for dry curly hair.  Haven't tried yet, will be back to update.

Caudalie SOS Morning Eye Rescue.  Weird to have an eye cream for the morning, but I like the texture and the lack of strong odor.  I feel like I look a few weeks younger already.  ;)

Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in Starlet.  Holy Geez this color is clown orange.  Not cute at all.  I feel like they sent out this color because it was a discontinued reject.  Color problems aside, I really love the texture of the product and it lasted all night when I was around my house in my PJs with orange lipstick on.  I know it is just a sample, but it is a pencil and the pencil part is plastic.  So I am unsure how it would be sharpened when the time comes.  I am hoping with some experimentation I can mix this with another lipstick that I have and make a wearable Frankenlipstick color.  Hey, maybe the nipple tint stuff?!  

I hope you enjoyed my review of these make up things.  Has anyone else tried any of these?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I love breakfast.

Like more than normal people should.  I can eat breakfast for every meal of the day and never get tired of it.  I love eggs, I love carbs, cereal can do no wrong.  I love a good smoothie.  I love a hot bowl of oatmeal on a chilly day.  Eggs Benedict are the key to my heart.

Breakfast is awesome. 


Monday, April 22, 2013

It is Monday Already

Good Monday to everyone!  I hope the weekend was good for everyone.  Mine was pretty good!

Friday night:

I made some gumbo, and we were glued to the TV.
Image via:

I am really glad that they caught the suspect, and I am also pretty glad that he was alive so maybe the people harmed by this event can get some answers/closure.  It is very true though, reality is stranger than fiction.  Still praying for all those affected by this horrible event.

I don't know what it is, but I am getting really good at sleeping in.  Like if I am committed enough, I can sleep until 9:30 or 10!  I had to finally get up and moving because I had an eye doctor appointment at 1:30.  Much to my surprise, my vision got better!  And everything else with my eyes is fine.  I went online and got 2 pairs of glasses for $200 from Glasses USA.  Last time I got glasses I went to Target Optical and paid like $450.  Ripoff!  So hopefully they arrive soon and I can show you guys how they look! :)

My little bro called later in the afternoon and he and I met up for some Red Robin and the new Tom Cruise movie: Oblivion.  It was pretty good I suppose.  I am not a big action/sci-fi kind of movie gal, but I was entertained and it was different from anything I had seen.  I'd say 3/5 stars?  Aaron stayed home because he is ridiculous and protests any movie or anything that features Scientologists because they are evil (or something).  I think it is kind of silly, but he sticks to his guns about it, what can I do?  I get to go have fun and he gets to sit at home, that's what.  

Aaron woke up with a terrible headache for the millionth time, so we missed church again.  I went and got a new light bulb for my car's brake light because it was out and got us some drive-thru breakfast.  It was so gorgeous outside that I was determined to get us outside somehow.  We saw this Chase Bank commercial with this lady depositing a check at the zoo, and were discussing how that makes little sense to be handling your banking at the zoo when it hit me.  Pretty day - we should go to the zoo, and perhaps a picnic.  Nice days like this in Houston are few and far between, it was now or never.  So we didn't have any good picnic foods so we declined the picnic idea and just headed out to the zoo.  Well every fool in town had our same idea so we circled the parking lot for about 30 mins before temporarily giving up.  It was noon, so we thought we'd get lunch then come back.  Surely by then people will be heading out and free up some parking.  Well when we came back it was even worse than before.  We decided to come back another time, and be there really early.  So we just went home and took naps.  Before I knew it the day was over and I didn't really get a whole lot done.  Oh well!  

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Reasons to Move in with Someone

I am in a total funk with blogging lately so I referenced this old post of mine for a random topic, and I the topic was reasons to move in with someone.  Here goes nothing!

Room Mates:
Reasons to move in with a room mate are easy.  You want to save money, and you get along mostly with the other person/people who also live there.  I have had a load of room mates in my day, and it is funny how no matter how well you get along with someone else, it isn't necessarily an indicator of how well you will get along as room mates.  You really need to find someone who has the same room mate expectations as you in regards to social and housekeeping scenarios.

If you are a slob, living with a neat freak is going to be a challenge on at least one of you.  If you just want to share a roof and nothing else and the other person wants a built in bff, that might be awkward.  If you work late nights and your roomie has to be up at 6am, that might be annoying with the noise/lifestyle differences. 

I think everyone should be a room mate at some point in their life.  I think it gives you crucial skills in regards to communicating and compromising.  Plus it is usually a pretty good deal financially.

Moving in with your lover:

I am not a big fan.  I was brought up with the notion that you don't live with a significant other until you are married.  Yeah it is old school, but it was an important thing to my Mom and all parties involved in judging my life, so that was that.  Honestly though, I was never super serious with anyone long enough for me to want to take that step, so it all kind of worked out.  Plus, I like my own space.  I miss it.  lol. 
Am I against it?  I can't say yay or nay because every situation is different.  When I see Jenelle from Teen Mom inviting every boyfriend she gets to move in after a month, I am absolutely against.  But nearly everyone I know lived with their now spouses before they were engaged and married(or not).  And it was fine.  We are all adults here.  I think it is probably best if you are in a solid, time tested union before sharing a home with someone.  If only to protect yourself from being emotionally hurt if it doesn't work out/being stuck in a lease you can't get out of.  I know it isn't romantic to think it will end, but without a marriage certificate or a ring on your finger, the other person really doesn't owe you jack and can hit the bricks at any moment - it happens every day, and it is foolish to ignore that fact.  All I suggest is that one be smart about it if you are going to do it.
I wonder though, had Aaron and I lived together before we were married, would we even have made it?  I can't speak for Aaron, but I needed the entire first year to get used to him and how he lives and how to not go insane with his quirks that drive me up the wall.  When I didn't have a marriage forcing me to work it out or be miserable, I might have thrown in the towel because it is too hard to live with a man who leaves EVERY SINGLE cabinet door open every single day.  I am not even sure why one would go into some of those cabinets on a daily basis, but that is where we are at.  When I was dating in my younger years I was pretty quick to bail on people when I didn't see long term potential (or as soon as the 'new relationship' fog had lifted) and I worry that had I been Jenelle and living with them, I'd be too afraid of ending things because I wanted to be nice and not cause a big fuss of having to move, maybe finding a new room mate, and all the drama.  I might be nice enough that I'd stick around so long that I'd be unhappily married to someone who deserves to be with someone who truly thinks they are  I wonder how many people this has happened to?  Scary thought. 

So that is my take on living with people.  Agree or Disagree?  Additional thoughts?  Lay 'em on me!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I can't find any words today.

So I'll borrow someone else's:
Sending love to Boston

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pinteresting Wednesday

I haven't linked up with Pintersting Wednesday in a while, so I decided to change that!  I am theming this week on some spring/summer looks that I love.  Because I am not enjoying this dreary day we are having.  It is making me sleepy. 

These can all be seen on my Dream Closet pinterest board

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Is Obama a Sexist?

I know this is old news by now, but I wanted to talk a bit about the recent controversy involving Barack Obama commenting on the looks of Attorney General Kamala Harris. 

In case you aren't a national news follower, the story is that Obama was at a fundraiser for AG Harris, and was introducing her.  The comment was (per Huffington Post) "She’s brilliant and she’s dedicated, she’s tough," Obama said. "She also happens to be, by far, the best-looking attorney
general ... It’s true! C’mon."
She is indeed a pretty lady
This caused an uproar in the media about how Obama is a sexist and he is contributing to the objectification of women.

I think it must have been a slow news day.

When I heard about this I wanted to know more.  I can sympathize with feminism to a degree, but I also blame it in part to the rise of the man-child which is ever so prevalent. 

I don't think that Obama was out of line for the following reasons.  He was giving an introduction for Ms. Harris at a fundraiser.  The event was one of 'I am amongst friends' much similar to the event where Mitt Romney felt it safe to say that 47% of Americans are 'takers'.  Also from what I have read, Obama and Harris are long time friends.  If my boss were to say something like that about me, yeah, it would make my skin crawl, no doubt.  However if my friend did it, I wouldn't think anything of it other than being flattered.  Plus his comment wasn't crass or anything of the sort you'd hear being a foxy lady walking by a construction site or something.  Lastly, I can't find any information stating that Harris herself was offended by this.  Shouldn't that really be the test of appropriateness?? (Granted, on further reflection, it probably would have hurt the party she was fundraising for had she admitted to being offended.) Also, from an amateur comedienne's perspective (myself. lol) I find the comments to be merely an attempt to add some humor/lightheartedness to the sentiments about how tough and smart she is.  For instance, if someone were introducing me, they would of course mention my brilliance, headstrong nature and kindness, and also maybe that I could eat a whole block of cheese in one sitting.  Is that an offensive fat joke?!  No, it is just true and relaxes the seriousness of it all. 

No, the outcries were from everyone else who thought commenting on her looks was bad form.  Maybe it was, it is really a personal decision on how you interpret communications with others.  There are certain contexts where I think this would be offensive.  Like if he were recommending her for the supreme court or something.  But the time and the place made it more 'okay', at least in my opinion.

My next question for the ladies is - when you put your makeup on and do your hair and wear clothes that flatter you, isn't your end goal for people to find you as attractive?  Because if Charleze Theron has taught us nothing else, your pretty usually takes some effort:

Exhibit A
Exhibit B.  Wha???!
I personally would not enjoy people complimenting me on my looks unless it is my wedding day, prom night or the like. (except for Aaron, you don't get off that easy, lol) And sure it would be a weird world if people just complimented everyone about their appearance all the time.  I have never been a 'classically attractive' person though, so I don't know what life is like for someone like that.  Maybe people tell you that you're good looking all the time and you enjoy it? 
I feel like feminism is at the heart of all of this, and the anger stems from the thought that we don't ever talk about the way men politicians look.  Except when we do -
and I am fairly certain looks alone are why Rick Perry keeps getting elected Governor in Texas... :\

The pros and cons of feminism is another post for another day though!  What are your thoughts?  Did you find Obama's words offensive, or much ado about nothing?


Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Update

Happy Monday everyone!  I'm here today to recap the weekend!  We had totally gorgeous weather in Houston, so I took the opportunity to help my Mom in her yard.  We planted lots of tomatoes!


Some in pots

Some in the topsy turvy tomato planter.  As seen on TV!
Hanging from the tether ball pole for maximum light exposure.
Aside from the gardening ventures, I did her tax return and Aaron and I's tax return.  I was delighted that we are getting a refund since Aaron gets paid as an independent contractor.  I usually get a fat refund due to my tuition expenses, so in fairness I get to keep the refund we get...  cha-ching!  lol. 
Sunday was spent lounging as usual, and I got started on the pantry organization that I meant to start weeks ago.  I only got through the spice rack on the door, tonight is the shelves though!  I was doing terrible last week with the not watching TV during the week, so this week I am getting back on the wagon.
The most exciting thing though is that Madmen was back!!!  I won't spoil any of it, but damnit I love this show.  It has bumped Revenge to the Tivo for that time slot!
And that was the weekend, hope everyone has a great Monday!

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