Saturday, March 9, 2013

Snuggle Saturday #8 - Fairy Tales

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Happy Saturday everyone!  This week for Snuggle Saturday we are talking about Fairy Tales, and which is our favorite.

My favorite is a classic that I am certain we all know very well:  Cinderella

All versions are a little different from one another depending on country of origin and what have you but I am willing to bet everyone has seen the Disney version!

The premise (obvs.) is that poor Cinderella is orphaned and forced to live with her step-family and they force her to be a maid and lock her in the attic and such.  Well she finds out that the whole town is invited to the royal ball to try and get hooked up with the prince, since he is wife shopping and all.  She tries to go, the sisters tear her dress to shreds after the birds and mice worked so hard on it!  Well her fairy Godmother pays her a visit, dresses her up and off to the ball she goes.  Well he dances all night with Cinderella, but her fantasy night ends at midnight, so she has to run off leaving behind her shoe.  The prince then orders this glass slipper to be tried on by every foot in the kingdom.  In the end, Cinderella is the match, they marry and live happily ever after.  Aww.

Now falling in love with a man who doesn't even know your name is super romantic and all, the whole handsome prince thing isn't my draw to this story.  In fact I kind of think that this story can give unrealistic expectations of what love and romance are to the average girl.  Also unrealistic expectations of what birds and mice can do.  
No, my main love of this story is that the mean and awful people get their comeuppance.  Justice is actually a very prevalent theme in this story.  The treating her as a servant, tearing her dress to shreds, not letting her try on the slipper, it was all so wrong of them!  Then when she gets whisked away to become royal while their jaws are still on the floor.  I love it!  I love when people get what is coming to them!!  

So that is my favorite fairy tale.  What is yours?  Link up and share!! :)

Next week we are talking Dream Jobs!


Anonymous said...

I love Cinderella as well. It is one of my favorites. For this link, however, I went with another. Have a great Saturday!

Nichole Gaertner said...

I used to love the movie "Ever After" but my favorite is definitely by far Rapunzel... probably because of how unfortunately long my blonde hair was. lol!

Lindsey said...

I'm all about Beauty and the Beast....strong, brave, compassionate, and beautiful on the INSIDE and out!

Funny that this is your post this weekend..I actually had to look up the Jack and the Beanstalk fairtale the other day b/c I couldn't remember how it went. (Inspired by the new Jack the Giant Killer movie).

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