Saturday, March 2, 2013

Snuggle Saturday #7 - Things I'd Never Do

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Welcome back for the 7th edition of Snuggle Saturday!!  Thanks so much for linking up with us each week, I hope you are having as much fun as Sarah K and I are!

So today we are talking things we'd never do.

Sorry Justice Beaver, I am saying Never.

I would never:

Eat the following things

Raw Oysters

Bugs for food

Rare Steak

Because I would rather barf or starve. 
I would never put my life in danger as a form of entertainment

Who finds this stuff fun?!  Not me.

I would never eat at this restaurant again.
I left my phone on the table accidentally and the manager totally tried to jack me.  I called there not 10 mins later and it was 'gone.'  (and it was like 1:45 in the afternoon, the restaurant was empty when we left.)  It was only until I physically went up there and told them Verizon inactivated it and whomever tries to reactive it wouldn't be able to that it suddenly appeared.  POS manager guy, right?? 
There you have it, I can safely say that I would never do any of these things ever.  :)

What would you never do??  Blog about it and link up why don't ya? ;)

Next week's topic is:

What is you favorite fairytale and why??


sarahssidebar said...

Hahaha!!! Great list, Natalie!! I have had that happen to me before except with sunglasses. I know that one of the staff members stole it! I was devastated! :( Why can't people just be honest? SIGH!

Rebecca said...

great list except I do eat my steak medium rare to rare sorry

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I would never skydive either!! Pretty much anything involved with heights :)

Unknown said...

but rare steak is so delicious!!

Emma said...

this is a great list! i'm so glad you stopped by my blog :)


SH said...

I'd also never eat those things! I just shuddered even thinking about it.

Happy Monday!

The Hartungs Blog

Jennifer said...

I must agree with EVERYTHING here!

That is so messed up about the phone.

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