Saturday, March 23, 2013

Photo an Hour Friday

I took one photo per hour yesterday to share a little bit of what an average Friday is like for yours truly. If you suffer from insomnia, you are in luck!  lol

7AM - driving to work

8AM Arrive at work - it looks like a paper explosion happened on my desk!

9AM - I'm reading blogs.  Typical.  Have you added me to bloglovin' yet?

10AM - Is this not the ugliest excuse for wall art you've ever seen??

11AM - I did a little bit of work.  Notice the lighting in my office is very depressing.

12 AM - Lunch with Tony.  You really can get a lunch deal here for $2.77!  

1PM - Getting my Carabox ready to mail out, only 2 days after the deadline :\  Our UPS service is fast, it should arrive Monday or Tuesday.  

2PM - Emailing my bestie.  I was mad that it was our co-worker's birthday and he opted not to get a cake (he is usually the cake-buyer) for himself.  Lame.  I wanted cake.

3PM - Bills Bills Bills

4PM - Leaving work for the weekend, hallelujah!!  Check out my tree collection!

5PM - Almost home.  I love passing this place and wondering how they got a piano up there, and if that piano is real.

6PM - At the Office Depot getting a USB mouse for my laptop.  My trackpad isn't behaving itself, so instead of wanting to throw the computer off the balcony, I got a mouse.  Best.decision.ever.  I am 100% content with life now.  lol

7PM - This was technically still in the 6PM hour, but that hour was the only interesting one of the entire day.  Waiting on my PeiWei order.

I love seeing the skyline from my house :)  

8PM - Homecooked meal.  Ignore that bag, and the label on that little sauce container...

9PM - Wise words

The rest of the day was just unloading the TIVO.  Aaron has been a mess of allergies for weeks now, so we just stayed in.  We are wild.  lol

So that was my Friday!  How was your Friday??


Anonymous said...

Hey, I think we live near each other!

a_mo said...

My Friday involved going to Costco to pick up my contacts and visiting my parents. And then laying on the couch for most of the day watching TV. I've also had allergies and it makes it hard to do much of anything productive.

Rebecca said...

wow busy day

Just Sam said...

Pei Wei is the best! Those crunchy little sugar snap peas are my favorite with the honey chicken!

Megan said...

What a fun idea! It's fun to get a glimpse in the life of a blog friend. My Friday was work and take care of sick hubby. I also watched the newer Footloose movie because I discovered we can get some movies for free from Amazon because we have a prime membership.

Anonymous said...

How is it that you only had ONE pic of work?

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