Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life lately

Here are some things that have been going on lately, I hope you enjoy! :)

I was behind this truck the whole way home yesterday.  They looked like bronze(?) statues of reindeer and the truck's final turn was into the Barnes and Noble parking lot.  Interesting.

My car hit a milestone over the weekend.  She isn't a spring chicken anymore.
I took a big hunk out of my finger with a potato peeler this weekend.  It really hurts :( 

This tasty dinner was the devil in disguise.  Costco sushi decided to wake me up in the middle of the night with stomach distress.  I feel much better now, thanks for asking.  Not making that mistake again...

This video is more just an example as to why I don't make videos than something worth watching.  There is a middle aged gentleman who is still rollerblading in the year 2013, and he has his ipod on and he goes back and forth on the corner of my block and he does all the twirls and dips and is putting on this display for all the people driving by.  It is hysterical!  So I can never get a good pic or video up close because I am driving by and would crash my car into something if I tried.  Well I saw him there on Saturday and thought, YES!  I can totally video this from the parking garage!!  So I got up there, videoed my little heart out, and this was the result.  You see nothing.  lol.  Le sigh. 
So that is what is going on over here, what's new with you?

PS - some really awesome stuff is being given away on Carly's blog and Rachel's blog


Helene said...

ouch that cut hurts me through the computer screen!

Unknown said...

Hi Natalie, So glad I found you. Awesome design!

Sam said...

Oh no hopefully your finger heals up soon! I remember when I first got my Ninja blender I sliced my hand and there was blood all over the kitchen sink :/ Never again will I make that mistake LOL

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