Monday, March 18, 2013

Lent Week #1 - Less TV

Well, the first day of lent is here, and I am not organized at all with my plan of attack of my simplifying lent.

I want to take things a week at a time, and make a change per week and they will snowball into something large and meaningful.

I am starting with my #1 vice, TV.  I am not giving up TV, because the point is just to not let worldly things control you, not to make your life miserable.  Plus my DVR will not be able to hold all those shows I would need to catch up on for 7 weeks.


So what I am going to do is not watch TV during the week at all.  I am have picked out my top 12 shows that I really want to see and will save them up to watch over the weekend.  I am really excited about this because I will have so much more free time to do anything I want!  I will keep my apartment all tidy, I will get books read, CPA exams studied for, a nice wholesome dinner made AND have the kitchen cleaned, time with friends, hobbies, endless possibilities.  All of these things get put aside if something worth watching is on.  I have even been known to not take a phone call from my best friend if a TV show I am really into is on.  That, I feel, is the sign of a TV addict in desperate need of recovery.  Plus so much of my life gets mindlessly drained away because even if nothing I care to watch is on, I will find SOMETHING to watch, and it will most likely be dumb or something I have seen 20 times before (Seinfeld reruns, anyone??).

Here are my "Shows that Make the Cut"

1. Teen Mom
2. Body of Proof
3. New Girl
4. The Middle
5. Suburgatory
6. Community
7. Parks and Rec
8. The Office
9. Shark Tank
10. The Suze Orman Show
11. SNL
12. Revenge
13. Misc. shows that may come back for a new season, ie: Catfish, Portlandia, Sisterwives.

What did not make the cut, basically all the TLC shows.  I usually watch Hoarders, and My Strange Addiction, along with all the Friday wedding shows.  Plus hours upon hours of food network on the weekends.  I'll survive!  I did use some forethought and didn't get any new shows started, even though I was really curious of how Myrtle Manor on TLC was going to turn out. 

I looked it up and for each 30 min show, you get 22 mins of programming, and each hour show is 42 mins.  So I will have less commericals in my face telling me to buy things I don't want or need, and will save a bunch of time. I have 6 half hour shows that will clock in at 132 mins, and 210 mins of hour long shows and I'll give SNL about 60 minutes because I usually skip through the musical guest.  402 minutes of TV.  If watching live that is 9.5 hours of TV, but this way it is only approximately 6 hours and 45 mins.  WOW!  If I parlayed those extra 3 hours into a skill I could be an expert at something in 66 years.  Or if I just used it to exercise, I could probably add an extra 5-10 years on my life.  More time to watch TV in my old age!!!  lol. 

The only challenge I foresee is that Aaron did not agree to this challenge with me, so from the 10pm-11pm window when we are usually in bed but not asleep yet, The Daily Show and Colbert Report will be on.  (Sadly this is how I get most of my current events news...)  So in the spirit of compromise, I will probably see both of these shows each night.  Oh well. 

I am willing to bet $ by tonight at 8pm I will be bored out of my mind and regretting this decision, lol.  No pain, no gain!

Any suggestions for how to use my free time?  What would you do with substantially less TV?

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

If I were to pick one thing to replace the new time with, I would pick reading for sure. I hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day!

Megan said...

I think this is a great idea. I do something similar. I have those particular shows that I watch. I may turn on the TV for some Big Bang Theory reruns. In the last few months, I've RARELY turned on the TV just to watch it. I might turn it on and find something while I'm folding clothes, but that's it. I have people all the time say "such and such is a great show, you should watch it." I always tell myself "no, you have enough shows already." I use that time to read instead. I also do a lot of Pinterest browsing. It also frees you up to get in some workout time (which is what I need to do more of). Good luck!

Sam said...

TV sucks out so much of my day too, I can't go without watching Big Bang Theory each week because I am that addicted lol

Laura said...

this would be a HUGE challennge for me - we are ruled by the DVR from Sunday-Thursday! (and feel it a personal goal to have it cleared off by Sunday) My husband watches more tv than I do - i'm trying not to get hooked onto new shoes (the only one I allowed this year was the Following) Anyway - i LOVE having a TV in the kitchen cause I can get a lot done while watching all my BRAVO shows (Bravo is DEF. my vice) so I feel like i'm multi-tasking!

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