Friday, March 1, 2013

Houston's Free Press Summer Festival!

Hi everyone!  Can I just tell you how excited I am about this year's lineup of the Houston Free Press Summer Festival!  Answer, a lot!!!

I'm a wee bit...nervous isn't the word, but we will go with it for now.  Back in my youth of my younger twenties I was a veteran of the music festival scene.  Austin City Limits, Fry St. Fair(Denton), ok yes only two, but I have been numerous times.  I could hang all day in the scorching heat for the entire day, with a beer in my hand the whole time.  At this point in life it has been a good few years until I have been to a music festival and I feel all old and tired these days.  Not to mention at my last ACL venture I got the worst sunburn of my life and am certain it is going to lead to skin cancer in my future.

Some old times...
Here we go!

Getting some rays

And some autographs from Vampire Weekend - remember them?

It gets crowded

Then it gets insane.

But always very fun :)

This upcoming fest is going to be in Houston (aka Humid Armpit of America) in June.  Lord help me!

Here are my must haves for surviving and thriving at a music festival:

1. Sunblock.  And reapply about once an hour because you are sweating that stuff off at rapid speeds.
2. Water.  Most places don't want you to get heat stroke and die, so make sure you are hydrating often!  
3. Hat/Sunglasses.  These are a must for me, I gotta get away from that sun in all the ways I can.
4. Comfy shoes.  You are going to be covering a lot of ground and will be out at the festival the entire day.  Forgo the fashion for comfort and thank me later.  
5. Something to sit on.  I work an office job, I am so not used to standing for hours on end.  I bring a compact blanket or towel so I can park my behind from time to time.
6. A Happy Attitude.  You have to manage your expectations and focus on the awesome.  It is going to get super hot, it is going to be really crowded, there are likely going to be a marginal number of annoying people around you, you are going to leave tired and smelly and in bad need of a shower.  Don't be surprised by any of this.  But do get excited about the amount of great artists you get to see perform for one reasonable price along with your fellow music enthusiasts of your city.  You are amongst friends and it is a wonderful thing!

Now check out this lineup:

There are a whole of of great acts performing but The Postal Service is whom I was willing to pay the $80 for the weekend pass to see.  I have been going to shows/concerts of my favorite bands for the last (almost) two decades of my life, so I can count on my hand the groups that I would love to see that I haven't seen already.  The Postal Service is near the top of that list, and I cannot wait!!  

Is anyone in Houston planning on going??  Any fun music festival/concert stories you'd like to share?

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

I have never been to a music festival. I think I would like to add this to my bucket list :)

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