Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Taste on ABC: Tuesday 8/7C

If you were on Twitter at all on Tuesday you may have noticed all the hullabaloo in the blogosphere about the new show The Taste.  

I was really excited to see that Influenster had partnered with this show and were giving all the member opportunities to speak their mind about this new show since I have been watching it since the beginning.  What you are thinking is true, there isn't a reality show out there that I wont watch, lol.

If you are a fan of 'The Voice' you will already understand the concept of this show.  If not (me) allow me to explain.  We have 4 celebrity chefs and a ton of people trying out to join their team.  Just like a singing audition, some people rock it like Fantasia, and others are William Hung.  So you prepare one bite of food for the judges to try in a blind taste test and they either pick you or not and invite you to join their team.  Once the teams are all chosen each episode has a theme and they have both group and individual challenges until 2 people are ultimately eliminated in a blind taste test.

Now that you get this gist, let me tell you what a fun show this is!  First of all the judges.

They are funny, very sassy, and most importantly know their stuff!  It is amazing how they can eat a spoonful of mystery food and pick out all the flavors and perfectly describe the artfulness or where it falls short.  They get to eat some super delicious looking things, I would totally volunteer to help them judge!!

The contestants are great too.  After these first few episodes you really get to know everyone's stories and what sorts of things they enjoy cooking.  The best part is that there are both professionals and home cooks.  Surprisingly the home cooks can really hold their own against the pros.  It inspires me to get creative in my kitchen and try something wacky and creative every once in a while.  If these home cooks can do it, why can't I?!

My favorites that are still in the game are:

I am totally biased because Sarah is a food blogger!  She blogs here:
followed!  She was having problems with setting things on fire last week...

I also really love Lauren from Nigella's Kitchen.  She seems like such a sweet girl and for as young as she is, she knows her stuff - esp for being a home cook as well!

I am def rooting for her because she is the last woman standing on Nigella's team, and there are still 10 contestants left!

Catch the latest episode here: and the whole season can be watched on if you want to catch up with the gang.  It is a really fun show and you may learn a few tips and tricks for your own kitchen!

Have you seen it?  What are your thoughts?


Whitney Cypert said...

I had just joined Influenster when they teamed up with the Taste so I missed alot of the Twitter party and what not. I haven't seen the Taste, but it sounds like I would like it! Thanks for your review!


Helene said...

i have heard of this show but not watching it, i love cooking shows! I need to check it out!

Dash Interiors said...

I also love cooking shows I NEED to watch this!

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