Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snuggle Saturday #6 - The Oscars

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It is Oscar week!  Are you excited??
Aaron and I used to be bigtime movie buffs but we have had to cut down on that somewhat because movies are dang expensive these days.  So before when we would see any movie that looked halfway decent just for something to do on the weekend, we now only go see things that look REALLY good. 
The Oscars are great though, because whatever gets nominated is usually very good so it takes out the guesswork! 
Am I rooting for anyone specifically to win?
Well I always root for people in the movies I have seen.  After checking out the nominees here and reviewing the movies I have seen that are Oscar worthy I am rooting for anything Les Miserables or Lincoln.  And really I am 100% team Les Mis minus Sally Field as the wacko Marry Todd Lincoln, because she dominated that role!
Lincoln was good, but truth be told it was not my cup of tea and I found it kind of slow at times.  I am so not into history things.  #sorrynotsorry.  I am very into singing things, therefore Les Mis made the cut, lol. 
I am super bummed that I didn't get a chance to see Argo or Beasts of the Southern Wild before the show - (I suppose there is still time if I hurry!)  I bet I would have really liked them both.

Nominated or not, favorite movie of 2012?
Tie goes to Moonrise Kingdom
(I love anything Wes Anderson makes, forever.)  Him films take you to another world, and so so funny in such a subtle, remarkable way.
If you didn't love it, you don't get it.  These movies are for smart people.  lol

The movie it tied with, hands down:
This shocking but true story is absolutely fascinating!  Every single person involved with this movie was totally snubbed.  I should really boycott the Oscars over this.  I highly recommend you see it! 

Honorable Mentions go to Skyfall, and 21 Jump Street just for being so stinkin' hilarious!

Best or Worst Dressed from any year?

Good Gracious, Whoopi.

What would I wear?
backwards suit a la Celine Dion!!!  (only joking!)
maybe something Chanel?
and a heavy duty pair of Spanx, please.  lol.

Join us next week - our topic will be 'stuff we'd NEVER do'!


~Anchored In Christ~ said...

Ok so I thought I was a movie junkie. guess my movie junkie and other movie junkie's is different. I say movie junkie b/c i love movies. but clearly I'm not the right kind of movie junkie b/c I havent seen any of those movies listed so there for I cant judge.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I am rooting for Silver Linings Playbook :)

sarahssidebar said...

I chose Les Mis too! :D For actor choice and actress (supporting role) as well! I've never heard of Moonrise Kingdom! I'll have to check into that :)

Unknown said...

i loved moonrise kingdom too! just wrote a post with my picks...

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