Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snuggle Saturday #5 - Valentine's Day

Welcome to another edition of Snuggle Saturday!  
We are chatting about Valentine's Day this week <3

1. Describe your most memorable Valentine's Day

My most memorable Valentine's Day was 2011, it was Aaron and I's 'engaged' Valentine's Day.  It was mainly pretty simple but Aaron cooked us a fancy dinner and I thought he was going to burn my apartment down with fire...I actually blogged about it (with a video) here on my wedding blog which I need to start recapping on now that I finally have all my wedding pictures (a year later...)

2. Describe your worst Valentine's Day

I don't have a Valentine's Day that was bad in any real way.  I suppose the ones where I didn't have a date were pretty boring, but I have never been too sad about anything on Valentine's Day.  To me, it is about all sorts of love aside from romantic love, and I am lucky that I have never ever lacked in that department.  

3. What's your ideal Valentine's Day date

I am not super picky about this or that making the 'perfect date' but preferably I'd like to watch the sun set in a hot air balloon.  I have always wanted to do that and it just seems really cheesy and romantic :)

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Next week's theme: THE OSCAR'S
1.       Are you rooting for any film or actor/actress to win?

2.       Nominated or not – what was your favorite movie of 2012?

3.       Do you have a favorite best/worst dressed Oscar attendee from any year? 

4.       What would you wear to the Oscar’s??


sarahssidebar said...

Haha! You and Aaron crack me up! You were afraid he'd burn your apt down! :) bwahahaha!
Also, love the hot air balloon idea!! I'd love to do that too! Why are you so clever? :D

Mandy said...

Seeing the sunset in a hot air balloon would be so cool! I've never been in one but it's always been something that I wanted to try :)

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