Monday, February 4, 2013

More Everything, Sky Waitress!

That was one wild Super Bowl, huh?  I was barely routing for either team, but I was happy for the Raven's victory!  Go Team.

I thought the commercials this year were pretty decent.  Lots of funny to be had, and even some tear jerkers.

Some were totally lost on me, like those hip people with the beer at the beginning, and also the Toyota one with Penny from Big Bang Theory?  I think those missed the mark.

And what was up with the VW commercial and the Jamaican accents?  I didn't quite get that one either.  Aaron's line of thought on it was VWs are a 'hippie' car and hippies are akin to Jamaicans?  I dunno, but I think of Germans when I think of Volkswagen, so that one was lost on me as well.

How uncomfortable though, was watching Bar Rafaeli make out with the nerdy guy?  Go Daddy's ads never appeal to me with their over sexualized weirdness, but this one was just, eeek.  I did enjoy the one where the one guy was the only one to start his 'great idea' and now he's rich.  Aaron appreciated that it portrays wives across all countries being nags.  To which I commented, well men across all countries must be idiots that need to be told what to do.  Men.  pssh. 

My honorable mentions for funnies go to the Audi Prom Kiss, M&M's Meatloaf cover, Axe's Astronaut one, Gangnam style pistachios, Oreo's quiet library fight, and the Hyundai Turbo ad where they had to keep passing all the cars on the highway (who hasn't been there??).

I also always enjoy the Clydesdale ads, this one was def an almost tearjerker.  Also the Dodge Farmer one was deep.  It actually made me feel super bad for farmers...

But my favorite two (it was a tie) from the whole night go to Taco Bell and Tide.

Viva Young

Tide Stain

Until next year folks!

Did you have a favorite ad??


vicky said...

Loved the commercials! HILARIOUS!!!!

Helene said...

the bar rafaeli on. just no. it made me feel so creepy.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

The viva young one was amazing :)

Megan said...

The Taco Bell one was one of my faves! And I liked the Audi one too! I didn't see the Tide one till just now, but it was pretty funny!

Cait said...

omg i loved that co bell one!!

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