Wednesday, February 13, 2013

General Updates

These are just some general life updates because I haven't felt creative lately.  My brain is mush after doing a whole lot of tax returns this week, lol.

So Aaron and I had Valentine's Day festivities yesterday because he is going out of town tomorrow morning.  We kept it super simple because we just had our anniversary two weeks ago, and we are anti-social a lot of the time so I cooked us dinner.  I made lobster tails for the first time ever, and I totally rocked it.  I also made really good creamed spinach.  Sorry for the bragging, I was just really proud of myself, lol. 

Here are the links to the recipes I used:
Lobster Tails and Creamed Spinach
This is not the actual one I made.  I wish!

I think if I didn't have to have a full time job, I would just blog and cook all day long.  I am learning to love it now that I am getting more skilled. 

Did anyone watch the State of the Union address last night?  I really liked it.  I think Obama is by far one of the most intelligent Presidents the US has seen in decades.  At very least he is super knowledgeable about economic factors that can drive positive outcomes.  I am certain he aced all his social econ. classes.  I was also very moved in the portion of the speech when he talked about the victims of gun violence deserving a vote. 

Side note that bothers me about the Republican rebuttal by Marco Rubio and I suppose all right wingers is how they want smaller government.  I get the point of it all, but when it is coming out of the mouth of someone currently employed by the government, I have a hard time with taking it seriously.  It is more of just an attitude thing, like I got elected here and I don't want to spread my wings and make things better for citizens, I just want to assume it is all bad and shut it down.  I feel like it would be me going to my boss and saying, I'd like the same paycheck and all but I only want to do A B and C because the accounting department is just too big and involved and I don't want to do anything hard.  So I am just going to stop filing, and making collection calls, researching inventory errors and analyzing statements because we don't really 'need' those things.  Maybe that is just me...?

So I am really looking forward to my alone time this weekend.  It is incredibly difficult to be an introvert and never getting to be by yourself in your home.  So I am going to savor it while it lasts!  I for sure am going to spend some of that time doing some blog posts so the same ol' post wont be up for days on end.  Sorry about that, by the way. 

There will be an awesome giveaway I have joined in on with a bunch of other bloggers going up tomorrow, so be sure to check back and enter!

That is all I have for today!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I loved Obama last night. Great speech. Very visionary. Boehner looked like he was auditioning for Grumpy Old Men.

Nikki said...

I loved Obama too!

Natasha said...

No one wants to pay me to cook, Blog and Pinterest all day long, which is unfortunate. I am currently job hunting. *sigh* Love your blog :D!

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