Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Facts of Me.

I am at a loss for inspiration, so luckily I found this great link up to join :)
Some facts:
1.  I love cheese way more than any person should.  It is the perfect food.  Once I was doing one of those myspace surveys a thousand years ago and was asked - if you were a Barbie doll, what would your accessories be?  I chose an ipod and a wedge of cheese...true story. 
2.  I might be the most clumsy person you will ever encounter.  If there is a tiny pebble in my path, I will trip over it.  Something within 5 inches from the edge of a table, I will knock it off.  Anything breakable or spillable sitting on the floor, kiss it goodbye.  This frustrates Aaron to no end because often times he sits on the floor and leaves his half filled coke can there, or some headphones, and they break and spill every time.  I wish he would learn his lesson...I feel bad about it, but it is just who I am. 
3.  I am an angry driver, and I hate it.  Driving in Houston is a challenge because traffic is sooooo bad, so I am already at an anger disadvantage, but it gets ugly at times.  If you are making an unprotected left turn and don't pull forward into the intersection, if you are turning too slow in front of me, if you tailgate me when I am already going 10 over the speed limit, if you are going less than the speed limit, if you drive in my blind spot for more than 5 seconds.  Basically if you are doing it, I think you are doing it wrong and inconsiderately, and I hate you.  It is a problem I severely need to work on before I give myself a stroke. 
Well that was fun, wasn't it? lol


Whitney Ellen said...

Mmm mmm mmm cheeeeeeeese. Also, I would personally LOVE to see a Barbie holding a wheel of cheese. Funniest visual ever.

Sam said...

Ohh goodness not you got me craving cheese! :D

Unknown said...

I am such an angry driver as well! I'm really trying to get better as I usually have my girls in the car. Don' want them thinking Mommy just screams at other drivers all the time!

vicky said...

Hand me that piece of cheese and let me drive! After driving in the traffic chaos of Athens I think I can take Houston!

Amber said...

HAHAH! A block of cheese as an accessory made me laugh :) I'm an angry driver too. It's too bad other drivers can't do it as good as us!

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