Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Confessions

I am linking up with Alyx today for some Sunday confessions!  
1. I didn't clean a thing this weekend
I am deeming this lazy turd weekend because I sat on my butt and watched hours of TV instead of cleaning up any part of this pig sty I live in.  I partially blame Aaron.  I can not be productive when he is here, our laziness just builds off one another.
2. Aaron didn't go to work yesterday, and I was so mad.
Aaron is a grad student and allegedly still works at Target, yet he only gets like 12 hours per week, and decided to not go in yesterday afternoon.  I could have punched through a cement wall I was so angry.  I get so angry because I NEVER get to have the place to myself.  Aaron is a grad student so he works from home, plus he never goes out with friends or anything, so the only time he isn't at home are those few precious Target shifts, and it was ripped away from me.  This would have been prime time for me to get some chores done too, but I rebelled.  I can't even remember the last time I was by myself in my home, and I am about ready to crack.  He wasn't even sick, he was totally fine, which is why I really got mad.  Then I think about how it is bull that I have to get up and go to work every morning whether I feel like it or not, and he has such a cavalier attitude about his job even though isn't his real job.  I think he may have quit and is lying to me about still working there.  Ok, this turned rantier than I intended, I'll stop.
3. I need to get on the ball
I am slacking in all areas and I need to step it up.  I def need to get rolling on my CPA stuff because with each passing day my knowledge is escaping my brain.  Need to get organized.
4. Going on a Mom date today
We are gonna go see Les Mis I think (FINALLY) and have a fancy lunch at Brio.  Looking forward to it!
That is all I have for today, hope you can join us!


Unknown said...

I am never home by myself! I hate it! I just want to be alone at my house for an entire day! It never happens!


Cady said...

I am kind of always lazy when it comes to cleaning my house. I hate cleaning!


Dazee Dreamer said...

I sometimes hate it when you have things you want to do, in the quiet, like read a book, and there is someone there that makes it not possible. Hang in there

Abbey said...

I hope you burned some steam off. :( I put off vacuuming my room all week long and then got motivated yesterday to do that, laundry, work out...oh boy. Anyway, thinking positive thoughts for you!

sarahssidebar said...

How was Les Mis, lady? Did you cry? :D

Alyx said...

Ahhh I loved Les Mis!! Did you have fun?!?! And I probably would have rebelled and not cleaned, because, let's face it. Cleaning is not fun, especially when you're the one who tends to do it the most often.

Thanks for linking up1

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