Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Jeff!

There are only a handful of people whom I would dedicate a post to on here because they are that special to me, and today that day belongs to my newly 25 (yikes!) year old brother, Jeff!!

Jeff is probably the coolest little brother that one could have.  Sorry if you thought your own little brother was the best.  He might still be pretty good, just not this good. 

Jeff Loves America
And the Texans

Jeff is also a great travelling brother
In Tokyo. 
Washington DC.
And Jeff is a good brother to not just me:
But a bunch of equally crazy dudes.
And he is a really excellent cook
despite making bacon/sausage missiles inspired by stuff he finds on the internet...
Best of all
He is hilarious. 
I think funny runs in our family... ;)
Happiest Birthday to you Jeff!  Though you ripped away the joy of being an only child many years ago, I am so so glad I get to have a brother like you.  I love you!!!
PS - don't forget to link up with Sarah K and I for Snuggle Saturday tomorrow!!!


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to him, I love my little brother too!

Sparkles and Shoes

Hannah R. said...

Aw, happy birthday to your brother! :)

sister said...

Hppy Birthday to your little brother! wish him all the best. :)
and im following you. pls follow my blog too if u dont mind.

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