Thursday, January 24, 2013

Coffee Talk!

It is Thursday, so no doubt it will be a busy day at work!  Ergo, here is a fun little link up from Natalie @ 23seventeen!  I love her, she is really cool :)
1. Do you drink the milk after eating cereal or do you dump it out?
I always drink it.  It feels wasteful not to.

2. Do you share drinks/food?
I don't mind it.  I typically will with only Aaron or my bff, but I probably wouldn't mind too much sharing with most people.  Maybe not a kid though, due to the slobber content of said food and drink. 

3. How often do you replace your toothbrush?
Whenever it starts to look gross?  I know it is bad, but there are far too many things going on in my head to remember the 3 month mark of my toothbrush.  Is that gross?  Maybe so, oh well.

4. How often do you wash your hair?
Every other day.  I have curly hair, so washing it daily dries it out way too much.

5. Do you use a dishwasher or do you hand wash your dishes?
Dishwasher!!!  Let me tell you, I used to live in this darling vintage apartment brownstone place in the historic district down the road.  It was the cutest!  But there was no dishwasher in there and after that experience, I wouldn't wish a no-dishwasher house to my worst enemy.  Well at least not if you cook as much as I do!  It was awful.  AND there were only 3 plugs/outlets in the entire place.  Three!  Beware of being charmed by buildings from the 40's, you have been warned!   


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!! Me and my mom used to live in this old ass house from the 50's and it was sooooooooo outdated! The hot water heater LOOKED like a dishwasher and was in the kitchen LMAO! So I had to hand wash dishes too! Not ever again! I hate washing dishes. It's like pulling teeth for me!

And I love you too!

Trust me... I have seen the backwash and slobber from BOTH of my kids. Especially in water bottles. Grosssssssssssssssssssssss!!

Miss Traci said...

LOL I totally second you on the food sharing - my fiance is one of the few I'll share with, but I'll never share with a kid (unless I have one someday and become less grossed out by slobber haha). And to the no dishwasher - yeah, it SUCKS to love to cook but then have to wash everything by hand!! NO FUN! Have a great weekend!

Purrincup said...

I would be so upset without a dishwasher. Even though I don't use it every day there are those times when you really need it.

Amber said...

How fun! I love little surveys like this.

I ALWAYS dump the milk out. I feel like it's gross after all that sugar has been sitting in it, haha.

Sam said...

I'm totally doing this- how cute!! Girl, the dishwasher is my best friend, I would literally cry every night washing dishes if I had to do them all by hand haha

Unknown said...

I feel you on the no dishwasher thing! Luckily the army usually provides us one while we're over seas! I lived my whole life, and then in dorms without a dishwasher. I don't know how I survived!! I think I usually pawned the dishes on to someone else... I was always "having something to do" hahaha.

Unknown said...

AND SMALL (practically nonexistent) closets of any homes/apartments built prior to 1950s... I swear they only owned 2 outfits back then... swinging by from the link-up ;)

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