Monday, January 7, 2013

Aaron's Dream Car Shenanigans

This story begins with a man.  A quite brilliant man, in the realm of school and SAT scores and answers to any and all Jeopardy! questions.  This gift of knowledge unfortunately does not translate into the financial realm of this man's life.  This could be in part why his choice for a wife was a psycho penny watching budgeter.  Wise choice, man.  Wise choice. 

This is not a happy story however.  This is a cautionary tale of not letting your spouse do something insane. 

A mere 7 months ago, Aaron had a perfectly working VW Rabbit that was totally paid off, had no problems whatsoever and was able to meet his needs for a vehicle just fine. 

Aaron, being the impulsive guy that he is, got a bug up his butt one day and decided he wanted to drive a Saab, just like Jerry Seinfeld drove on his 90's show.  He's clearly a big fan and likes to emulate things he sees on TV.  It also should be noted that during the downturn of the economy the Saab auto company traded hands several times, and ultimately went bankrupt, but now they are owned I believe by a Chinese company that is taking the brand to electric only vehicles.(?)  So yeah, it is a weird car that no one drives, no one is making parts for, etc. 

Well just Aaron's luck, a dumpy car lot had a Saab in their inventory, and Aaron (with the bug up his butt) decides to trade in the Rabbit for this Saab.  He sort of asked my permission beforehand, and I gave him a laundry list of reasons why this is a terrible idea but left the decision up to him.  That was my bad.  I should have just said no.  He used the words 'dream car'.  I wish I were joking. 

This Saab is a 2001 with 130,000K on  it.  No, that isn't a typo, the mileage is in kilometers, because I think it originally came from Canada.  I know.

So they took Aaron's Rabbit and gave him the Saab plus $3500 cash to even the trade.  Dream car proceeds to take all that money on random repairs it ends up needing right out of the gate. 

So that is that, Aaron's dream car is turning into a nightmare, and then one day it just doesn't start.  We have it towed to the mechanic across the street, and they figure after like 3-4 days that it is a computer problem, and it needs to go to a dealer with a Saab computer.  There is ONE in this entire city of nearly 5 million people.  So it gets towed over to that place.  They keep the car for like 3 weeks trying to figure out the problem, and finally it is concluded that the engine needs replacing.  $4000 bucks. 

Since we don't have $4000 bucks, we scraped together every penny we collectively had and had to go on Saturday and get a new car.  They gave Aaron $300 to trade in his broken car.  Whomp whomp.

Here is Aaron's new to him car, a VW Passat wagon, complete with shiny new car payment. :\

And if he does this again, all he is getting is a bus pass, I don't even care! 
Lord, give me strength.


Helene said...

hey, new is new!! that is awesome!! and my car has like 6 dents in it. rock on

Rebecca @ Frugal Fashion Mommy said...

Haha that sounds like something my husband would do. I constantly find myself explaining to him why even though we need a bigger car (we have our 2nd baby on the way), that it is not realistic right now. Hopefully he will continue to listen to me. I like the passat! And luckily they have lots of dealers all over the place =)

Jamie said...

Umm, congrats on the new car?! ;)

sarahssidebar said...

Hahahahaha! So sorry to hear that Natalie! I wish I had a new car! :) You're such a patient wife! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I remember you telling me about him buying that car at Blue Mesa brunch like a year ago! Now you can always say "remember what happens when you don't listen to me!?"


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